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MTG Best Treasure Cards in Commander!

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The amount of archetypes one can choose to engage with in Commander are endless. Whether you want to build a powerful synergistic Elf deck, pay homage to a Standard deck that has been rotated out, or deeply explore your unique desire for characters looking left in MTG artwork, you can build a Commander deck around, well, anything.

That said, some archetypes are destined to be more powerful than others, and few are more popular on EDHREC than the Treasure archetype.

Providing a brief shot of mana before disappearing into the abyss, Treasure tokens don’t do that much individually, but they are capable of shaking a game to its core. Many of these Treasure tokens compounded completely break the resource system that Magic is structured around. Even if temporary, five mana out of nowhere can make a big difference on the game state.

Treasure cards have become ridiculously powerful in the Commander format. So much so, that many players are just as interested in finding ways to counter Treasure Tokens as they are utilizing them.

For those who want to explore Treasure Tokens in Commander, however, here are some of the best cards to watch out for!

Two Most Popular Treasure Commanders

According to EDHREC, Prosper, Tome-Bound is the most popular Commander utilizing the Treasure archetype. This shouldn’t come as too much of a shock, as Prosper’s color combination combined with the ludicrous amount of card advantage it can provide makes it well-positioned for a night of casual Commander.

Prosper wants to cast spells from exile. If you can cast a ton of spells from exile, Prosper can create a ton of Treasure tokens. These can be used to fuel even more spells from exile, which is one of the more fun ways to take this Commander in deck construction.

Because Prosper can truly create a ton of advantage, maximizing those advantages is also rather valuable. Doubling the amout of Treasure Tokens that each spell cast from exile creates with Xorn, for example, can be incredibly powerful.

While Prosper also exiles a single card from the top of your library for use later per turn, you will likely want more Impulse draw effects (cards that exile cards from your library and allow to use them for a limited time) in your deck to maximize Prosper. Wrenn’s Resolve and Reckless Impulse seem like great fits. Of course, Jeska’s Will is another incredibly powerful Commander card that offers Impulse draw.

If you’re running a Treasure theme and don’t want Prosper as your Commander, it’s also an interesting include in the 99. Prosper likely isn’t going to be the Treasure Token generating machine that it could be when built around, but this card ultimately creates Treasure Tokens and provides card advantage, which is good enough for a lot of cases.

Magda, Brazen Outlaw is the second-most popular Commander for the Treasure Token theme, but it’s also a powerful Commander in cEDH. Magda can truly make a ton of Treasure tokens at a record pace. While the card does have the ability to both create a ton of tokens and provides a powerful payoff for extra Treasure, Magda is just as much a Dwarf Commander as it is a Treasure one. Utilizing Magda to the best of its ability requires Dwarves, ways to abuse Magda’s ability, and crazy powerful Dragons and artifacts to drop onto the battlefield.

Even if Magda is not your Commander, and even if your deck is not focused around Dwarves, Magda is still strong enough in Commander decks that care about Treasures. Just creating a single Treasure, while doubling as a payoff, makes this cheap two-mana enabler good enough.

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Best Treasure Support in Commander

Revel in Riches

When Revel in Riches first released in the original Ixalan set, this win condition had its hurdles. There weren’t a lot of cards that created Treasure Tokens, and getting those to stick around alongside Revel in Riches was tough.

This win condition has become a lot more deadly as Magic has progressed. Both Smothering Tithe and Dockside Extortionist are easily capable of creating ten Treasure Tokens themselves, making this win condition feel a lot more trivial. Revel in Riches can also create a lot of Treasures out of nowhere, especially if it comes down on a board full of creatures.

This all means that resolving one of these cards will likely put a target on your back. Winning the game so easily definitely makes Revel in Riches one of the best cards in Commander for Treasure-themed decks, but good luck getting to your next upkeep with the card intact.

Professional Face-Breaker

This card from Streets of New Capenna, much like Magda, is capable of both creating a ton of Treasures and offering an interesting payoff. Its not quite as powerful as Magda’s but having the ability to turn your Treasure Tokens into card advantage helps make sure you always have something to do.

Notably, Professional Face-Breaker turning Treasure tokens into Impulse draws can be a monstrous ability when partnered with Prosper, Tome-Bound. Prosper can make a Treasure with each card you cast from the Facebreaker’s ability, which can then offer more Treasure Tokens, and can be used to either cast more spells or exile more of them.


Xorn offers Treasure players an ability that all Commander players love: replacement effects that create more tokens. Unlike many of the other replacement effects that could copy Treasure Tokens like Doubling Season, Parallel Lives and Anointed Procession, Xorn’s color identity matters more than it may seem. A disproportionate number of Treasure cards are in red, so having Xorn’s color identity be that of a majority of the other Treasure Token cards’ makes it worth mentioning. Xorn, however, does not double tokens – it simply adds one more.

Of course, if you’re in colors that can support the common Commander token support, consider running those, too.

In a similar vein, Jolene, Punisher Queen is also strong. The color identity makes this one more restrictive than Xorn, but it has a similar ability.

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Best Treasure Token Cards in Commander

Smothering Tithe

Smothering Tithe

It doesn’t matter if you want to focus on Treasure Tokens or not. Smothering Tithe is a common staple found in casual Commander games, and it fits into just about every deck that can use it.

Cards like Smothering Tithe generally won’t appear in two-player MTG. Getting one Treasure per rotation of the table, unless your opponent really wants to draw cards, isn’t worth a four-mana investment.

In Commander, however, Smothering Tithe threatens to make three Treasure Tokens per rotation of the table at minimum. If they draw more cards, you get more Treasures! How effective Smothering Tithe ends up being, however, depends on the table.

Most tables will simply ignore the cost (no one doesn’t want to cast their own cards) and simply allow you to make a bunch of Treasures. This advantage can generally be game-ending, if they don’t identify you as the archenemy early enough.

Some tables, however, will simply pay for the Tithe as often as possible until they can get rid of it. If the two mana being paid doesn’t impact your opponents’ ability to cast spells, the Tithe may not be doing much. However, that is quite rare at a casual Commander table, at least in my personal experience.

All in all, this is one of the better cards Commander has to offer. Just take note that asking your opponents to ‘pay the two’ each time they draw a card can start getting on some nerves.

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Dockside Extortionist

Dockside Extortionist

This painfully obvious #1 choice is not just the best Treasure card in Commander, its also the best Pirate, Goblin and maybe even the best card overall.

Dockside Extortionist will generally enter the battlefield and make a disgusting number of Treasure Tokens. Thanks to both the casual and competitive Commander metagame being very artifact and enchantment-centric, it’s not uncommon for the Extortionist to create five or more Treasure tokens on entry. Fast mana, like Sol Ring and Mana Crypt, definitely does not help the situation.

The most powerful part about Dockside Extortionist, however, is that its ability to create Treasures happens on entry. This also makes Dockside Extortionist exceedingly easy to abuse. Flickering the Extortionist with an activated ability of a card like Emiel, the Blessed will likely be free thanks to the Extortionist’s ETB effect. This can easily lead to infinite mana via infinite Treasures.

Keep Exploring!

There are so many strong Treasure Token-oriented cards in Commander that building a strong Treasure Token Commander deck is somewhat trivial. Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer, for example, is absurdly broken and did not really appear in this article. That said, these remain some of the best options that Magic has for a Treasure Token theme in Commander.

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