5, Sep, 23

MTG Arena Wilds of Eldraine Release Time

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Article at a Glance

Magic’s newest set had a pretty successful Prerelease weekend. MTG sets tend to get an early release in paper, allowing players to head to their local game stores and take their first crack at Wizards of the Coast’s newest offerings. While recent changes to prerelease etiquette now allows players to use those cards in tournament play immediately, this does not mean that Wilds of Eldraine is currently available on every MTG platform.

Notably, MTG Arena and MTG Online need to wait a bit before players can enjoy Wilds of Eldraine. Unlike paper MTG, MTG Arena allows players to face a myriad of opponents from the comfort of their own homes. For many, the MTG Arena release date is the real release date for Wilds of Eldraine since getting a Draft or a Standard session in before then is incredibly difficult.

Here is everything we know about the MTG Arena Wilds of Eldraine release time.

When Does Wilds of Eldraine Release on MTG Arena?

Wilds of Eldraine is scheduled to release on Tuesday, September 5 on MTG Arena. Maintenance for the release is going live on MTG Arena at about 8:00 AM PST. After the maintenance is completed, Wilds of Eldraine should release in a few hours.

By time zone, here is the expected release time for Wilds of Eldraine on MTG Arena:

  • 11:00 AM PT
  • 2:00 PM ET
  • 7:00 PM BST
  • 8:00 PM CEST
  • 3:30 AM ACST (September 6th)

What to do When Wilds of Eldraine Releases?

Since many MTG Arena players must build their Wilds of Eldraine collection, they will likely head over to Premier Draft for Wilds of Eldraine. A Draft token was on sale yesterday for cheap, allowing players to experience their first Wilds of Eldraine draft for a bargain, if they managed to cash in on the deal before it was too late.

Just be cautious doing this right after Wilds of Eldraine drops on MTG Arena. Servers tend to be very busy, and its not uncommon for a draft to be ruined by some technical glitches.

This will be many players’ first time drafting MTG Wilds of Eldraine. For those who want a refresher on the expected draft archetypes for MTG’s upcoming set, you can find that here.

Otherwise, Wilds of Eldraine is introducing a few new keywords and, while they’re not too complicated, there is a lot you need to know. Here is what we recommend getting a refresher on before jumping into MTG Arena Premier Draft for Wilds of Eldraine:

Unfortunately, thanks to the Cursed Role token, layers are an issue that players must understand to play Wilds of Eldraine Limited optimally. This is one of MTG’s most complicated set of rules, but we broke it down here, while focusing on interactions that you will need to care about when playing Wilds of Eldraine Limited.

It’s Almost Here!

After taking a peek at all the things you need to know for Wilds of Eldraine, the MTG Arena release time will be here before you know it. Do note that the MTG Arena server is generally very busy right after a new set drops, so don’t be surprised if things are moving a bit slowly, or you get kicked out of a game sporadically. Hopefully, the MTG Arena release of Wilds of Eldraine goes smoothly, but only time will tell.

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