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Enchanting Tales Cards Provide Epic Prerelease Infinite Combos!

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Article at a Glance

Wilds of Eldraine is set to bring a whimsical Fairy tale environment to your prerelease. With spoilers now fully revealed, it’s clear how much the set is focused on flavor. There are some themes returning from Throne of Eldraine, such as Food tokens, that help show off the flavorful elements of the set. In addition, there are some new themes, such as Fairy tale sagas, that give Wilds of Eldraine its own unique charm. This set should be a blast to play with during upcoming prereleases.

One of the cooler aspects of Wilds of Eldraine is definitely the inclusion of a bonus sheet. In this case, the bonus sheet cards are known as Enchanting Tales cards, each of which is a reprinted Enchantment designed to highlight some of MTG’s past in an amusing way that fits the overall flavor of the set. The Enchanting Tales bonus sheet is not the first bonus sheet and likely won’t be the last, though. For anyone who played March of the Machine Limited, it’s clear how much the bonus sheet cards can affect the Limited environment. March of the Machine focused on Multiverse Legends, and cards such as the Companions from Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths were draftable and highly impactful.

Given that bonus sheet cards appear in every pack, they will certainly play a role in your prerelease. While many of the Enchanting Tales Enchantment may not be quite as useful in Limited as the vast pool of powerful legendary Creatures from March of the Machine, there are some very cool combos that can be executed using specific Enchantments. Many of these combos are rather convoluted and difficult to pull off, but what better set to try to completely live the dream than Wilds of Eldraine!

Hylda of the Icy Crown Combo

Obviously, given that this five-card combo takes a mythic rare, another rare, and a rare Enchanting Tales card, it is quite difficult to get all the requisite pieces. However, these “magical Christmas land” vibes are what make Wilds of Eldraine so special. In order to begin to execute the combo with the cards above, you need to use Tough Cookie’s ability to turn Hylda’s Crown of Winter into a Creature. From there, you can tap Hylda’s Crown of Winter targeting an opponent’s Creature, paying zero mana during your turn.

By tapping one of your opponent’s Creatures, Hylda of the Icy Crown will trigger. You can use Rootrider Faun to pay the required one mana from Hylda’s ability and create a four-power Elemental Creature token. With Intruder Alarm in play, this will cause all Creatures to untap, including the Creature you tapped with Hylda’s Crown of Winter.

Because Hylda’s Crown of Winter is still a Creature thanks to Tough Cookie, you can tap it again, targeting the same Creature your opponent controls. With all of your other Creatures untapped, you can simply repeat this process over and over, making an arbitrarily large amount of Elemental Creature tokens. This combo is extremely cool, especially because it is somewhat flavorful itself, using both Hylda and her Crown to reap rewards.

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More Intruder Alarm Combos?

Dawn of Hope

For those who have played lots of Commander, it may not come as a surprise that Intruder Alarm was at the forefront of the combo above. After all, there are an absurd number of infinite combos that can be executed with Intruder Alarm in play. As long as you have some Creatures in play that produce mana, there are tons of ways to either generate infinite mana or infinite Creatures.

For example, Whitemane Lion alongside the ability to make three mana (at least one of which is white) lets you keep returning Whitemane Lion with its own ability, float mana each time, and generate infinite mana. Similarly, if you have Creatures that can generate five mana, you can use Myr Matrix to make a Creature token, untap your Creatures, make another Creature token, and repeat.

As it turns out, there is a very similar combo to the Myr Matrix combo that involves Intruder Alarm in Wilds of Eldraine Limited. Dawn of Hope, much like Myr Matrix, provides a repeatable way to make Creature tokens. With five copies of Rootrider Faun in play, you can generate four green mana with four of them, use the fifth Faun to filter a green mana into white, and activate Dawn of Hope. This will trigger Intruder Alarm, untapping your Fauns, and you can repeat this process and create Infinite Lifelinking tokens. You can also use other mana-producing Creatures such as Bramble Familiar in place of some of the copies of Rootrider Faun, so long as you have one Faun to help make white mana. Intruder Alarm is truly a combo all-star, so keep an eye out if you happen to open one at your prerelease.

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Aggravated Assault Combo

Intruder Alarm and Dawn of Hope aren’t the only Enchanting Tales combo cards in Wilds of Eldraine, though. One of the cards that can potentially give you infinite combat steps is Aggravated Assault. This combo is much easier to pull off since you only need two specific pieces, so long as you have Creatures and Lands in your deck.

How this combo works is that, as long as you can connect with a Creature in combat, you can trigger Nature’s Will and untap all Lands you control. With five Lands and Aggravated Assault in play, you can activate Aggravated Assault to gain an additional chance to attack with your Creatures. Assuming you can keep connecting in combat, you can keep untapping your Lands with Nature’s Will, activating Aggravated Assault, and gain infinite combat steps.

Obviously, even this combo takes opening two Enchanting Tales rares to potentially pull off. Still, stranger things have happened, and Wilds of Eldraine encourages thinking outside the box and playing to your heart’s content. To anyone looking to pull off these flashy combos at their local prerelease, may the odds be in your favor!

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