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MTG Arena Reveals More Details For Mirror, Mirror Historic Event

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This July, there’s a new Magic: The Gathering Arena event called Mirror, Mirror, where players will be able to run decks that include rebalanced (essentially nerfed) versions of cards currently banned in the fan-favorite Historic format.

Details of the Mirror, Mirror MTG Arena Event

Following the leaked changes of rebalanced cards, Wizards of the Coast has shared the details of the upcoming event in the June 30, 2021 announcement. The company revealed that there’s a total of twelve banned cards getting rebalanced in Mirror, Mirror, an All Access event, meaning all the cards will be available for you to build —even if they’re not in your collection.

The rebalanced cards will have the MTG Arena “A” logo before their names. Note that this logo is the mythic-rare-colored version on all these cards and is independent of the card’s actual rarity. In exported decklists, these cards will appear with “A-” at the beginning of the card name. If you want to import a deck that uses these rebalanced cards, make sure include the “A-” before the card name as well.You can find these cards by using the advanced search command “set:ANC” in the deck-builder. Rebalanced cards cannot be crafted or otherwise added to your collection.

Nexus of Fate
Wizards of the Coast

Note that the list of banned cards doesn’t include Time Warp  and Thassa’s Oracle, two cards that were recently banned in the Historic format.

You can check out the 12 rebalanced cards and their changes here.

The Mirror, Mirror MTG Arena event will run from July 3 to 6. Will you be playing the rebalanced banned cards?

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