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MTG Arena Getting New Kaldheim Emotes in March

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Fans of cosmetics and of BMing opponents rejoice, for Magic: The Gathering Arena just announced that new Kaldheim emotes are coming to the client in March. The Arena team dropped several cool announcements in their latest blog post, including a shift from monthly to weekly update articles. According to the dev team, Arena will release shorter weekly articles while saving big State of the Game updates for big announcements and deep dives.

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The much-awaited Kaldheim emotes will debut as rewards for the set’s Festival events happening throughout March. You can get this Reaper Shrug emote by participating in the On The Edge Kaldheim Festival event between March 20-23:

Reaper Shrug Kaldheim Emote

On The Edge is a returning event from the Zendikar Rising Festival that restricts 60-card decks to the last three Standard sets. In this case, you can battle with a deck made up of cards from Kaldheim, Zendikar Rising, and Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths.

The second emote you can add to your collection is Shephard Glee:

Shephard Glee Kaldheim Emote

You can win the emote by playing in the Historic Brawl event happening from March 27-April 1.

These are the first new emotes since Arena released the adorable Hedron-themed stickers alongside Zendikar Rising, so make sure you play in these events and add these angelic emotes to your collection!

Other MTG Arena Updates

MTG Arena also announced that Week 2 of the Historic Shakeup event will start on March 19 and continue through March 26. This event is free to enter and awards cards from Historic sets. Week 1 of this event saw Claim the Firstborn, Collected Company, and Embercleave banned among several other cards. We don’t yet know which cards will get the axe from Week 2, so stay tuned for updates!

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Meanwhile, Standard players will get their own Shakeup event as part of Arena‘s ongoing FNM @ Home program. Beginning March 19, you can win promo codes from your local game store by playing decks minus the some of these banned cards: Goldspan Dragon, Omen of the Sea, and Ugin, the Spirit Dragon.

Finally, Arena released their Draft event schedule for the next month. Limited fans can look forward to the return of Kaldheim Quick Draft from March 13-April 2 and Throne of Eldraine Quick Draft from April 2-16.

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Arena will also debut a novel new Draft format called Core Set Premier Draft. From March 26-April 2, players can enter a Draft queue with seven other human gamers and open up packs of Core Set 2019, Core Set 2020, and Core Set 2021.

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