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MTG Arena Draft: Is It Worth It?

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At what point is drafting in MTG Arena a good and bad idea?
Article at a Glance

While some people play MTG for fun, others view it as a vehicle for optimising their time. Some people demand value, and they want to know whether or not any given action is the best possible one.

They do say that time is money, and if that’s true, then use as little time as possible for the maximum possible gain. But if time is short, does that mean we’re all poor?

Anyway, drafting in MTG Arena is fun, but is it actually worth it? Is taking part in an MTG Arena draft a good way to get cards and gems, or should you look elsewhere?

Should you draft in MTG Arena?


If you’re simply drafting for fun or for practice, then the answer is yes. Drafting a lot will make you better at drafting, and while it’s not quite the same as doing it in person, you’ll still get used to building a limited deck, learn more about the set, and have a good time along the way.

If you want to make sure you’re breaking even, then the amount of wins you’ll need to do so varies depending on the type of draft event, but you can easily check it by seeing what the rewards are for different amounts of wins.

Drafting is one of the best ways to build your collection on MTG Arena… as long as you can win. If you’re capable of getting the full seven wins required in an Arena Draft, you can essentially get all your money back for winning. All the cards you obtain through the draft are, therefore, free.

You want to try and make back your entry fee where possible, and if you’re using gold to enter an event, then you generally just want to make some gems from it at all.

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What else do you gain from a draft?

Strixhaven Quick Draft Screen on Magic Arena

Aside from the gems, which are a big factor, the other things you’ll gain from a draft are your packs in the prizes, but also the cards themselves.

As you get to keep every card you pick, it can sometimes be worthwhile to choose a Mythic Rare in a pack, even if you’re not going to play it.

We would say that it’s generally worth drafting as long as you’re confident you can hit some kind of gem payout, but it’s also just good fun, and it’s one of the best things to spend your gold on.

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