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Official MTG Content Creation Program Revealed!

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Recently, some MTG content creators and enthusiasts took to Twitter to reveal their selection as MTG Ambassadors. These claims caused the community to erupt in an uproar, primarily because nobody really had any idea what it meant. On Friday, more information was released about the MTG Ambassador program and what it means for the community. As a role designed to increase the growth of content creation in MTG, this should be exciting to both the Ambassadors themselves and the MTG community at large. Let’s take a look at exactly what the MTG Ambassador program brings to the table!

What MTG Ambassadors Do

The goal of the MTG Ambassador program is to grow interest in Magic through content creation. In order to do so, the content creators that were selected as MTG Ambassadors receive additional tools necessary to continue their work at the highest level. This includes being given the inside scoop on potential cards from new sets before being debuted, allowing for additional time to produce rich and meaningful content to their audiences.

While preview cards are nothing new to MTG, the ability for MTG Ambassadors to plan ahead in content creation and provide excellent analysis seems like a significant feature of the program. The bonus of the program being year-long should also add a level of organization and consistency to the content being created, which is excellent for all parties involved.

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Growing the Game

It is also made clear that MTG Ambassadors were selected to showcase a wide variety of styles and backgrounds. After all, there are tons of ways to produce meaningful content, and having a wide range of content styles represented should only help grow the community’s interest in MTG. From streamers to competitors to enthusiasts, it’s important to grow the game by appealing to different audiences.

Wizards of the Coast also wanted to highlight content creators of all different sizes. The only real caveat was that the content creators selected to the program were all hard workers that were frequently putting out content already.

Notably, the MTG Ambassador program is limited to North America for the time being, but there are plans to expand this in the coming years.

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A Win for the MTG Ambassadors

As long as MTG Ambassadors continue to create a high volume of top-tier content, they will be rewarded by Wizards of the Coast. This includes receiving MTG product in advance, benefits on MTG Arena that can help keep the content creators up to date without breaking the bank themselves, and MagicCon badges to allow for easy attendance to some of Magic’s most popular events. This program is aimed at helping content creators each reach their full potential.

Notably, content creators will continue to own their sponsored content. This means that monetization for their content is left with the content creators themselves. Instead, Wizards of the Coast’s job is to both promote the content creators to the fullest extent possible as well as provide them with necessary items to make their job easier and run smoother.

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A Win for the Community

It’s hard to realize just how much the MTG community consumes content. This includes content from tons of different areas and sources. Whether watching streams, following cosplayers, listening to card reviews, or learning about specific decks, we as a community owe a lot to content creators for keeping us informed and entertained. Any program designed to grow and promote content creators should only lead to bigger and better content for the viewer.

It’s also nice to see Wizards of the Coast focus on trying to appeal to all types of content creation. Players like to consume content in different ways, so appealing to a wider variety of content creators should benefit the community as a whole. With the release of product early to content creators, things like card reviews or reviews about specific interactions in different formats should feel more organized and less rushed than they otherwise would be. The hope is that the MTG Ambassador program leads to both bigger and better content, which is a big upside for the MTG community.

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A Win for Wizards of the Coast

Wizards of the Coast needs to spend a large portion of time and effort making sure the MTG community is pleased and continuing to invest time and money into the game. The introduction of the MTG Ambassador Program can help accomplish this directly.

Just the announcement of Ambassadors has content creators and members of the MTG community alike consistently talking about the game and staying interested. Content creators get additional promotion, which is excellent both for them and Wizards of the Coast by helping to reach a larger audience.

If Wizards of the Coast continues to stay organized and committed to helping content creators, including those in underrepresented backgrounds, that, hopefully, means more content creators can afford to keep making content on consistent basis. This way, promoting content creation helps promote MTG as a whole.

While the MTG Ambassador program is currently invite-based and focused on 2023, Wizards of the Coast expects to have an application page up and running for 2024. I hope this program is well-run and well-organized, and I can continue to see my favorite content creators thrive. This program could be a win-win for almost all parties involved if implemented well.

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