11, Aug, 22

MTG 30th Anniversary Packages Sell Out in Minutes!

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Article at a Glance

MTG’s 30th-anniversary tickets went live on August 11. The Vegas event has been met with much anticipation and results for tickets being sold shows. We already highlighted the most profitable packages for the event and the MTG VIP packages that sold out only minutes into their sale going live support our theory.

VIP Pearl Packages Sold Out

In our recent article outlining your ticketing options, this was the one that looked like it had the most bang for your buck. As mentioned in the past article, exclusive playmats do very well in the secondary market. Alongside that, the Pearl package offered the following:

  • Weekend badge and lanyard
  • 4 Event promo cards—Arcane Signet (foil etched)
  • Richard Garfield, Ph.D. promo card
  • 2 Mystery Boosters
  • Modern Horizons 2 Draft Boosters
  • Dominaria United Collector Boosters
  • Exclusive Magic 30 playmat
  • Exclusive deck box and sleeves
  • Exclusive Friday Unfinity VIP event with Mark Rosewater.
  • Magic 30 official pin
  • 10% off on event-exclusive merchandise
  • Magic: The Gathering drawstring backpack

While the Ruby VIP package is still for sale, it doesn’t have the same benefits as the Pearl package. You won’t be getting the drawstring backpack or an invite to Rosewater’s exclusive Unfinity event. The packs you get will also differ since the Ruby VIP package is aimed primarily at Commander players. For those who still want some of the perks that the Pearl package offers, here is what you get for the Ruby package:

  • Weekend badge and lanyard
  • 2 Event promo cards—Arcane Signet (foil etched)
  • Richard Garfield, Ph.D. promo card
  • 2 Commander promo card—Sol Ring (traditional foil)
  • Commander Legends Draft Boosters
  • Exclusive Commander playmat
  • Exclusive deck box and sleeves
  • Command Zone access (all weekend)
  • Magic 30 official pin
  • 10% off on event-exclusive merchandise
  • 1 Commander on-demand event

Black Lotus VIP Package Sold Out

The MTG Wales have spoken! We were certain that this package was worth its weight in gold, and the results of this sale seem to agree with us. $700 got you access to every possible benefit obtainable for the MTG 30th anniversary celebration. Unfortunately for those interested in this package, it is sold out now. This leaves the Ruby Package as the single MTG VIP entry option for MTG’s Vegas party at the end of October.

The Virtual Packages are Still Available

If, for whatever reason, your decision to go to the 30th anniversary hinged on these packages, there are still options to enjoy some of the promotional material from home. The Festival in a Box sale is already live on MTG’s Secret Lair site, so make sure to get that before time runs out!

This package will grant you access to the exclusive Secret Lair, two Kamigawa EDH decks, the 30th-anniversary exclusive deck box and sleeves, a Mystery Booster Box, and two foil promo cards, including the exclusive Arcane Signet, and an MTG 30th anniversary playmat. $270 is a steep price but is already basically the worth of the Mystery Booster Box. The rest is free real estate! If you want to learn more about the 30th-anniversary exclusives and meet a potential new mascot for MTG, we took a look here.

Looking to Attend? Don’t Wait!

If anything has been made clear from the early stages of these tickets, players thinking about attending the 30th anniversary need to decide quickly. Fortunately, there are still many options left for players wanting to attend. Single day passes, and the Sapphire Weekend package remains. For Commander players who have an inkling of making a grand appearance, the Ruby package is the last MTG VIP option for any player to attend! If you’re looking at these, we cannot recommend enough how important it will be to decide quickly! We do not expect these to hang around much longer!

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