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18, Oct, 23

Top 10 Most Expensive Doctor Who MTG Cards

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At long last, the Doctor Who Commander decks have finally been released! Putting an end to a literal year of waiting, many MTG players couldn’t be more excited. With plenty of new and reprinted cards to enjoy, the Doctor Who MTG decks look absolutely fantastic. For better or worse, however, this Doctor Who crossover is also rather expensive. 

With decks costing around $80, picking up one of the four new preconstructed decks isn’t exactly cheap. Subsequently, it’s no wonder that many MTG players want to make sure they’re getting their money’s worth. Hoping for either a good time or to find plenty of value inside, even a single Doctor Who deck is not exactly a small purchase. 

Thankfully, despite the price of admission, the Doctor Who Commander decks do boast plenty of amazing cards. There’s also a good smattering of value thanks to new, as well as reprinted, MTG cards. As much as it is nice to know the decks are worthwhile when value is on the line, there’s always one question… Which card is the most expensive one in the set?

If that very question is on your mind, then you’re in luck. Today, we’re here to answer exactly that, as we look at the most expensive MTG cards within the Doctor Who Commander decks! Before we dive into all the juicy details, however, there are a few things we need to go over first to set the scene. 

A Quick Caveat

To quick off our caveats before diving into things, it’s worth remembering that the Doctor Who Commander decks have only just been released. Due to this, the market is still in a state of flux, as supply and demand steadily equalize. That being said, however, in the few days after launch, prices have absolutely crashed. Now, the vast majority of Doctor Who MTG cards are worth under $5.

While some price fluctuations will undoubtedly still happen, it’s also worth stating where we’re sourcing our prices from. Thankfully, this isn’t a complicated process, as we simply use TCGplayer’s listed Market Price.

Alongside being particular about the pricing, we’ll also only be looking at the basic version of each card found within the Commander decks. With a variety of foiling and art treatments, prices for every card do get much higher. Those fancy foils and art treatments, however, are only available in Collector Boosters. Today, we’ll just be looking at the most expensive MTG cards from the Doctor Who Commander decks specifically. 

As a final note, we’ll only be looking at the new Doctor Who cards in this list today. If you want to know about the set’s reprints, we’ve got that covered already in a dedicated article. So, if want to know more about the most expensive reprints in the Doctor Who Commander decks, have a gander at our other article. 

Now, with those caveats out of the way, it’s time to dive into the list properly! So, without any further ado, here are the top 10 most expensive MTG cards from the Doctor Who Commander decks!

10 | Flatline 

Found in: Paradox Power

Price: $3.48

Simple, clean, and efficient, Flatline is just a good Magic: The Gathering card. Costing less than most board wipes, Flatline lets you potentially power through your opponent’s creatures with devastating efficiency. So long as you have Trample, it’ll be like your opponent’s board isn’t even there!

Unfortunately, to mitigate its effectiveness, Flatline won’t remove buffs and counters from your opponent’s creatures. Against the wrong deck, this can make it significantly less useful, however, thankfully in Commander, there are multiple opponents. Thanks to this, Flatline will almost always be useful in Magic’s most popular format. 

9 | Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

Found in: Timey-Wimey

Price: $3.50

While it hasn’t always been the most popular choice, Dinosaurs have been getting a lot of love in MTG recently. Between the Doctor Who Commander decks, and The Lost Caverns of Ixalan soon releasing, Dinosaurs are definitely back in vogue. Thanks to this, many interesting and powerful Dinosaur Typal cards have been boasting compelling value and price jumps recently! 

While Dinosaurs on a Spaceship might not have skyrocketed in price, there’s undoubtedly demand for this powerful card. After all, it offers Dinosaur tokens and a potent buff all in one! While this ability unfortunately doesn’t come cheap, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship is capable of building a board all on its own. Thanks to this, it’s no wonder there’s some decent demand for this interesting and undoubtedly powerful dino!

8 | Cybermen Squadron

Found in: Masters of Evil

Price: $3.79

While they’re not nearly as chaotic as The Master, Multiplied, Cybermen Squadron is still an incredibly powerful card. Giving every nonlegendary artifact creature Myriad, this legion of Cybermen can quickly overwhelm a board. This, unsurprisingly, makes them a perfect fit for any number of artifact-centric Commander decks.

Capable of creating one hell of a swing that devastates all your opponents, Cybermen Squadron is already potentially incredibly powerful. To make it even better, however, it has plenty of added utility within the right deck. Even using something as simple as Ensoul Artifact, Cybermen Squadron gains much broader utility by copying normal artifacts. This gets even nuttier should you time playing Cyberdrive Awakener at the right time. 

Ultimately, since they’re rather expensive and not the best all on their lonesome, Cybermen Squadron likely won’t become a staple artifact. That being said, however, their potential for winning games and causing chaos should maintain a healthy price tag.

7 | City of Death

City of Death

Found in: Blast from the Past

Price: $3.91

In somewhat of a theme, City of Death is another card on this list with a knack for copying other cards. Able to create tokens of any non-Saga token, this synergizes with itself rather well. By doing this, you can easily make yourself six Treasure Tokens, however, that is only the tip of the iceberg. 

Since City of Death can copy any token, the possibilities are practically endless for this spell. Pair it with Cackling Counterpart, for instance, and you can get five copies of any creature you want! Alternatively, Court of Vantress lets you create tokens of an artifact or enchantment to copy again and again. 

Unfortunately, while copying tokens in this way does seem like tremendous fun since City of Death is a saga, it will take time. Thanks to this, they’re unlikely to find their way into every green deck’s 99. Still, it’s hard to ignore the enticing possibilities of this card.

6 | Quantum Misalignment

Found in: Paradox Power

Price: $3.97

Speaking of copying cards so City of Death can pop off, here’s a card to do exactly that! While somewhat more expensive than the competition, Quantum Misalignment does boast extra value thanks to Rebound. Offering two tokens instead of one, this sorcery more than makes up for its increased cost. 

Beyond providing two tokens, Quantum Misalignment also makes whatever you copy non-legendary. Considering some of the best creatures in the game have that type, this is an incredibly valuable ability. Just imagine copying Kozilek, Butcher of Truth not just once, but upwards of seventeen times with City of Death too!

Sure, copying the right legendary creature just twice might be enough to win you the game, especially if we’re copying Kozilek… But think of the possibilities! 

5 | River Song’s Diary

Found in: Paradox Power

Price: $4.47

Allowing you to steal your opponent’s spells after a short while, River Sing’s Diary has immense potential. Unfortunately, however, realizing that potential is going to be easier said than done most of the time. After all, to steal a spell you first have to survive having it cast against you. This means you’ll probably not be pinching Emergent Ultimatum with any consistency. 

Despite this potential being mostly theoretical, River Song’s Diary is still a great card to have. Once it’s exiled four or more cards, it’s free value for you every single turn. Whether this gives you a draw spell, removal, or even a piece of ramp, everything is welcome at the end of the day. As if that isn’t enticing enough, it’s also a decent piece of graveyard hate, stopping cards like Return the Past.

While free value should have many players enticed already, River Song’s Diary is obviously an Artifact. Allowing it to be played in any Commander deck, this detail should increase demand since it’s not limited by color. Already somewhat reflected in the card’s price, it will be interesting to see how much River Song’s Diary ends up costing in a month.

4 | Cyber Conversion

Found in: Masters of Evil

Price: $4.75

While it might not outright destroy or exile a creature, Cyber Conversion is a weirdly effective piece of removal. Countered only by a handful of Morph cards and Break Open getting around Cyber Conversion is surprisingly difficult. This makes it a great addition to many blue decks, which will definitely have their eye on this card. 

Technically, blue has no shortage of counterspells to deny your opponents their favorite creatures. Cyber Conversion is a special case, however, as it doesn’t end up in the graveyard or exile. Instead, it’s trapped on the battlefield, practically useless outside of punting in for a smidgen of damage here and there.

3 | Flesh Duplicate

Found in: Masters of Evil

Price: $5.82

As if we didn’t have enough of them already, Flesh Duplicate is another copy spell in the Doctor Who MTG decks. Duplicating any creature for just two blue mana, Flesh Duplicate has the small catch of having Vanishing 3. While this may seem like a major downside, played correctly, it’s barely an inconvenience. 

Played around triggered abilities and massive game-ending threats, Flesh Duplicate promises insane value. If this wasn’t good enough, even its main downside can be mitigated thanks to abilities like Proliferate and Time Travel. Ultimately, this makes Flesh Duplicate the best card new card in the entire set, if you ask us.

1 | Displaced Dinosaurs

Found in: Blast from the Past

Price: $15.44

Displaced Dinosaurs is definitely a very strong MTG card that’s capable of building one hell of a board. Turning every Historic permanent you play into a 7/7, this Dinosaur gives Artifacts, Sagas, and Legendaries much more utility. Unsurprisingly, this ability doesn’t come cheap, however, that’s one problem that green decks are more than adept at solving. 

Ultimately, it’s unclear at the moment why the price of Displaced Dinosaurs is so extraordinarily high right now. Sure, the card is powerful and will be great in Commander, but it’s hardly an auto-include within every deck. Once the set launches, we wouldn’t be surprised if this price tumbles quite steeply, like many of the best and most fun big stompy creatures. 

1 | Everybody Lives

Found in: Timey-Wimey

Price: $21.82

While this list has contained many a great spell, they don’t really hold a candle to Everybody Lives. One of the best new cards in the entire set, according to us, Everybody Lives absolutely lives up to its name. Once you cast it, no creatures or players can die until the turn ends. 

Able to completely stop an opponent from winning, Everybody Lives is the perfect combo denial tool. Alongside this, it can also save you, and everyone else, from board wipes, in case you want to keep the peace. With myriad other uses to keep you alive and ahead, Everybody Lives is truly a great MTG card.

0 | Serialized Cards

Found in: Collector Boosters

Price: $100+

Last but not least, we couldn’t write this list without breaking our rules to talk about the actual most expensive cards. Found exclusively within Collector Boosters, the Serialized Doctor cards are already the most expensive cards in the set.

Costing around a few hundred dollars each, these cards outclass everything else on this list by quite some margin. Whether or not they will stay this way, however, remains to be seen. For better or worse, serialized MTG cards have a history of crashing hard. Even if this happens, these ultra-rare cards are still likely going to be more expensive than everything else on this list.

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