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9, Oct, 23

Top 13 Reprints in the Doctor Who MTG Commander Decks

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Whether you’re a new or old MTG player, the soon-to-be-released Doctor Who Commander decks have a lot to offer. For new players, and Doctor Who fans, there is flavor galore, with iconic moments made into stunning cards. MTG players, meanwhile, get a litany of interesting and powerful new cards and mechanics to spice up Commander games. 

Already incredibly well received even before the set has been released, it seems like the Doctor Who Commander decks will be a slam-dunk success. While this is nice for Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro, the Doctor Who decks even have a little something for MTG players: reprints. While hardly the focus of the Doctor Who set, these cards provide some compelling value to each of the decks. 

With value on the line, it begs the question: which one of the many reprinted cards is the best and most valuable? Furthermore, which of the four preconstructed Doctor Who decks houses the most lucrative and high-value reprints? Thankfully, we’re here to answer both of these questions! Before we get started, however, there are a few things to go over first.

First Things First

To kick off this small compendium of caveats, it’s worth stating where we’re getting our prices from. Throughout this article, we’ll be using TCGplayer’s Market Price, which averages recent past sales into a neat and tidy number. Alongside this, we’ll also be looking at the cheapest printing of each reprinted card that’s available on TCGplayer. 

Alongside our pricing process, it’s worth remembering that these prices are currently in a state of flux. Between pre-order pricing and preemptive sales, the average prices are rather chaotic at the moment. Thanks to this, it’s unclear exactly where the price of each card will end up once the set is released. 

Now those caveats are out of the way, we can start the list properly! So, without any further ado, here are the top 10 best reprints from the Doctor Who MTG Commander decks! 

Honorable Mention | Propaganda

Included within: Masters of Evil

Price: $4.36

While it likely won’t be on this list for long, we can’t resist taking a moment to mention Propaganda. Usually costing around $4.50, this card is definitely a notable reprint in the set, however, the art is what we really care about here. For the first time ever, Propaganda actually shows some Propaganda in the artwork! 

In the grand scheme of things, this new art probably isn’t going to massively inflate the art of Propaganda. In fact, due to being reprinted in this surely popular product, the price of the card may tank significantly. Regardless of whether or not this happens, however, we can’t deny our love for the artwork.

13 | Lightning Greaves

Included within: Masters of Evil & Timey-Wimey

Price: $5.12

To kick off this list properly, we have the rather compelling reprint of Lightning Greaves. Setting the tone with an almost $5 value, this classic Commander card is a true staple. Providing an incredibly useful evasion ability, these greaves keep Commanders or major threats safe on the battlefield. Thanks to this, and their cheap casting cost, they’re used in over 790,000 decks!

First printed in Mirrodin, Lightning Greaves has been a huge number of reprints over the years. Despite this, however, the card is still fairly expensive thanks to the immense demand from the Commander community. For better or worse, this means that the new Doctor Who Commander decks may not shift the price of this classic card. 

12 | Dreamroot Cascade

Included within: Blast from the Past & Paradox Power

Price: $5.26

For better or worse, the reprint of Dreamroot Cascade kicks off a rather lucrative yet boring trend on this list… Like it or not, Land in MTG can be rather expensive, especially when they offer compelling abilities. While it’s not the most expensive card on this list, Dreamroot Cascade achieves this by almost always coming into play untapped. 

Thanks to this ability, a large number of decks want to use Dreamroot Cascade as a useful piece of fixing. As you might expect, this means the card is always in heavy demand, keeping prices somewhat high. Mercifully, unlike some other hands, Dreamroot Cascade currently only sees play within Standard and Commander, so it’s not overly expensive. 

Having only been previously printed in Innistrad: Crimson Vow, there’s a good chance this reprint will do wonders. Almost assuredly bringing down the price by a good margin, it’s possible Dreamroot Cascade won’t be on this list for long. Whatever happens, however, there’s no denying it’s a nice card to have in your deck. 

11 | Deserted Beach

Included within: Blast from the Past & Timey-Wimey

Price: $7.26

Following directly on from Dreamroot Cascade we have another land from Innistrad: Crimson Vow. This time around, as you can see above, we’ve got the slightly more popular Azorius pairing. Expanding beyond just Standard and Commander, this card also sees decent play within Pioneer. 

Despite the increased interest compared to Dreamroot Cascade, the $7 price seems unlikely to stick. After all, it too has never been reprinted, making it primed for a drop. Looking at presale prices for the Doctor Who Commander decks, this has already happened, as it’s now only worth $6.50! 

10 | Fiery Islet

Included within: Masters of Evil & Timey-Wimey & Paradox Power

Price: $7.43

While Fiery Islet may be another in a long string of lands, thankfully, they are at least a little bit different. Hailing from the first Modern Horizons set, this powerful land provides a twist on the usual Painland formula. Rather than just costing life to tap for colored mana, Fiery Islet can also be sacrificed to draw a card.

Understandably, no matter what format you’re playing, this is an incredibly useful ability. After all, once you have enough land and no longer need the inconvenience of losing life, you get a major upside for cheap! Thanks to this, Fiery Islet sees a good amount of play in Modern, however, it’s mainly used in Commander.

Not to sound like a broken record, but it’s once again worth noting that the price of Fiery Islet isn’t guaranteed to stick. While it is a popular card, it too has never been reprinted before. Thanks to this, there’s a real chance the price of Fiery Islet will drop like a stone in the coming weeks and months. Since Fiery Islet is included within, at least, three of the four Commander Decks, this seems almost guaranteed.

9 | Heroic Intervention 

Included within: Blast from the Past

Price: $8.78

First printed in Aether Revolt, Heroic Intervention is arguably one of the best green cards in existence. Offering protection against everything but the most devastating board wipe, this card is understandably a staple in Commander. As a result of this, Heroic Intervention has boasted compelling value since its release back in 2017. 

Currently sitting at around $8 – $9 in price, Heroic Intervention is definitely a nice inclusion within the Blast from the Past deck. For better or worse, it’s unlikely this price will shift too much in the future, as the card has been reprinted repeatedly. Between Core Set 2021, Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, Tales of Middle-earth, and Commander Masters, there’s certainly no shortage of supply. 

As a result of all these reprints, the price of Heroic Intervention should remain rather consistent. That being said, however, if the new art is not to everyone’s taste, this Doctor Who reprint could be a little cheaper. Since Heroic Intervention is in such high demand, however, I wouldn’t count on this unlikely scenario.

8 | Haunted Ridge

Included within: Masters of Evil

Price: $8.90

In a boring return to form Haunted Ridge is yet another land from Innistrad: Crimson Vow.  Since we’ve covered two of these already, there’s not much more to say about this slow land. Not much more than noting the card’s Rakdos colors, at least. 

Currently, across multiple formats, Rakdos has been incredibly popular thanks to recent powerhouse cards. That being said, however, Haunted Ridge’s place within that hasn’t been the strongest. Too slow for Modern, and pushed out of Standard, only Pioneer plays host to Haunted Ridge. 

Thanks to this poor competitive performance, the price of Hanunted Ridge has been dropping considerably over time. Once priced at around $13, this Slow Land can now be yours for just under $9. Considering the card is being reprinted, this price is surely going to drop even lower over the coming weeks and months.

7 | Stormcarved Coast

Included within: Masters of Evil & Timey-Wimey & Paradox Power

Price: $9.47

As if we hadn’t had enough already, we have one last Innistrad: Crimson Vow Slow Land to cover. This, however, is far from a bad thing, as Stormcarved Coast clocks in as the second most expensive card in the cycle. Currently priced at just under $10, only Shattered Sanctum is a few cents more expensive at the moment.

As usual, while Stormcarved Coast may have an exciting price tag at the moment, it’s unlikely to last. Appearing in three of the four Doctor Who Commander decks, this card’s value is likely going to tumble very soon. While this may disappoint value-hungry players, it’s undoubtedly good news for anyone looking to play these lands on a budget. 

6 | Snuff Out

Included within: Masters of Evil

Price: $9.84

Finally breaking free from the land portion section of this list, Snuff Out is a veritable breath of fresh air. First printed in Mercadian Masques, this card offers practically free removal in many decks, making it a Pauper, Legacy, and Commander favorite. Despite this moderate competitive and casual appeal, however, demand is hardly the reason for the almost $10 price tag. 

Rather than demand, Snuff Out’s price is largely controlled by the lack of supply for this powerful yet somewhat niche common. Having only been reprinted in past Duel Decks, Snuff Out has hardly had its supply problems fixed at any point. Thankfully, however, the Doctor Who Commander decks should be up to this task. 

Due to the popularity of past Universes Beyond products, an influx of supply seems like a guarantee. The only thing which could prevent that is a diminished print run, that could stand in the way of success. Whether or not this will happen, however, remains to be seen, as the set isn’t out for a few more days. 

5 | Farewell

Included within: Timey-Wimey

Price: $9.97

As many MTG players will know, Farewell is an absolute monster of a sorcery. Capable of almost completely clearing the board, Farewell is a devastating board wipe that’s the bane of many players’ existence. 

While it might be a nightmare to play against, Farewell is obviously an incredibly strong card. Subsequently, this board wipe is very popular in Commander and in oppressive control Pioneer decks. Thanks to this, as usual, since being printed in Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, the card has maintained a fairly hefty price tag. 

Currently selling for around $10, for better or worse, this price may not last for long. Once again, this is thanks to a lack of prior reprints since the card’s release. Now that it’s finally getting a second printing, we’d not be surprised at all to see Farewell drop down this list. As a note, however, since Farewell is only in the Timey-Wimey deck, it might not become a dollar rare overnight.

4 | Wound Reflection

Included within: Masters of Evil

Price: $10.10

For another welcome change to this list’s proceedings, Wound Reflection has actually been reprinted before. First seen in Shadowmoor, this card returned in 2020’s Double Masters to bring the price down. Since it has been three years since then, it’s very nice to see this Enchantment being reprinted once again. 

Effectively doubling the damage your opponents take each turn, Wound Reflection can be a vicious card to play against. After all, it makes all your opponents more vulnerable, while leaving you free from the effect. Sure, this may paint a target on your back, but it’s nonetheless a devastating, if expensive, threat.

Currently posting around $10, for better or worse, this price may not plummet as much as some players might hope. Not only is it just being reprinted in one deck, but it’s also a great inclusion within that list. Unless you’re on a strict budget, Wound Reflection synergizes excellently with many Villainous Choice cards. Thanks to this, there may be less new supply from this reprint than expected.

3 | Carpet of Flowers

Included within: Paradox Power

Price: $10.34

Should the Doctor Who Commander decks have been released last year, Carpet of Flowers would have been one of many incredible reprints. As it stands now, however, this reprint is only in the ‘pretty good’ category, as it’s not ultra-expensive. This is all thanks to the Mystery Booster product Wizards has been pushing a lot recently. 

Included within every Festival in a Box, the supply of Mystery Booster cards has dramatically increased recently thanks to MagicCons. Over time, this has brought the price of the card down from around $18, to just $10. While this is still a decent amount of money, we can’t deny this is a steep reduction in price. 

Thanks to the new reprint in the Paradox Power deck, this price will likely fall even further. This is a very good thing if you’re like me and really hate playing against blue decks. Capitalizing on the amount of Islands a player controls, Carpet of Flowers can generate a potentially immense amount of mana. 

As good as this may sound, Carpet of Flowers is a somewhat niche card, as it does require Islands to be in play. If they’re not, then having this card within your 99 is simply a mistake, as you’ll never get any value from it. Regardless, Carpet of Flowers is a fan favorite in cEDH and, considering that all of the Doctor decks have blue in them, this might become a pretty popular metagaming tool.

2 | Wedding Ring

Included within: Timey-Wimey

Price: $13.59

Rather aptly, Wedding Ring is an expensive MTG card. Having only been printed before in Innistrad: Crimson Vow Commander, however, this may be about to change. After all, plenty of new supply of reprints is about to hit the market thanks to the popularity of the Doctor Who Commander decks. 

For better or worse, at the moment, there’s no telling how much the price of Wedding Ring may fall upon release. What we do know, however, is that this card is seriously strong in the right situation. When cast and the copy is given to an ally, Wedding Ring is an incredibly useful source of draw and life gain.

Unfortunately, however, given the inherently political nature of Commander, Wedding Ring might not always be given to an ally. This, however, isn’t always the biggest problem. So long as you’re getting more than you give, the positive value is undeniably useful. Thanks to this, Wedding Ring can definitely be an incredible inclusion within many white Commander decks. 

1 | Sunbaked Canyon

Included within: Timey-Wimey

Price: $17.73

Last but certainly not least, we have another land card, hooray! As much as they might not be the most interesting card type, there’s no denying their usefulness. After all, every MTG deck needs land, and this one is certainly a doozy. 

Hailing from Modern Horizons, this Horizon Land technically isn’t too unique, however, it’s nevertheless arguably the strongest in the cycle. Synergizing with the aggressive playstyle of Boros decks, players shouldn’t mind the pain of tapping Sunbaked Canyon. Should it get too much, however, it can always be sacrificed for that all-important card draw. 

Ultimately, like many other cards on this list, the price of Sunbaked Canyon should be about to fall. While it is only included within one of the four Commander decks, this is still the card’s first reprint since its debut. Thanks to this, it’s highly likely that Sunbaked Canyon will drop in price a fair amount following the deck’s release.

Which Deck Is Best? 

Before we tot up all the totals, it’s worth mentioning that all of the Doctor Who Commander decks are rather compelling. Priced at between $70 each, it’s hard not to get a good deal with all the new and old cards. Thanks to this, you needn’t worry about getting the best most valuable deck, but rather the most interesting one to you.

That being said, however, it’d be a disservice not to answer the above question. Thankfully, after crunching the numbers, it’s not really a close call, as the Timey-Wimey deck is by far the best value pick. Considering the deck contains seven of the top thirteen most expensive reprints in the set, this isn’t really a surprise at all. 

While Timey-Wimey may be the best for reprints, it’s worth noting that the new cards are rather valuable too. So much so, in fact, that the Masters of Evil deck is supposedly worth around $530 at the moment! As enticing as this prospective pricing seems, however, do remember these prices will tank hard once the set launches.

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