12, May, 24

Modern Horizons 3 Leaks Reveal Broken Inversion of Toxic Card!

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Article at a Glance

Modern Horizons 3 is the flagship set of the 2024 calendar. Modern Horizons sets have a massive reputation, capable of overturning formats that aren’t supposed to experience any form of rotation. The power level of these sets is such that, at least in the past, rotation-esque events have been caused. Strategies that led the previous metagame become completely irrelevant in the face of the new Modern Horizons cards.

If you’ve been keeping a pulse on Modern Horizons 3, you’ll know that preview season starts in two weeks. Despite this, excitement for Modern Horizons 3 has been so extreme that the internet has been taken over by leaks.

Today, another set of leaks have hit the internet, presenting new broken cards for players to consider. As per usual, since these are leaks, even though they look legit, there is a chance that they could be fake. For that reason, if you wish to wait for the official reveal of these cards to take a look at them, consider this your spoiler warning.

Let’s take a look at the lastest Modern Horizons 3 leaks to hit the internet!


There are a lot of callbacks to traditional MTG staples from history in Modern Horizons 3. A good example of this is Chthonian Nightmare, an obvious callback to the card Recurring Nightmare. Powerbalance is an obvious callback to the card Counterbalance.

Counterbalance is quite the powerhouse. You can prevent an opponent from casting a certain mana value of spell for the turn (whatever mana value happens to be on the top of your deck). Using effects like Brainstorm can help manipulate the top of your deck ensures you get the most out of your ability. This one card can create a ton of value, making it quite frustrating to play against.

Powerbalance is the opposite. Instead of countering your opponent’s spell, you get to cast the card you reveal for free if the mana value is the same. This can create an absurd amount of value for just two mana, especially if you line up multiple spells with your opponent’s spells properly. This is a card that can be taken advantage of, or could simply be good in a metagame with a bunch of similar mana values. Overall, I imagine that this will see play somewhere. Counterbalance is quite powerful, and while this card may be a bit worse, it still seems very playable. That said, Counterbalance is still legal in Modern, and doesn’t really see any play there right now. The card does see some fringe Legacy representation, however.

Imskir Iron-Eater

Imskir Iron-Eater looks like an interesting potential payoff for Affinity decks. You do need Rakdos mana to support this, which is unusual as far as Affinity goes. That said, a cheap 5/5 that can easily draw three cards is quite powerful. Imskir doubles as a win condition, sacrificing your massive mana value artifacts and doming your opponent’s face for massive damage.

Between this, Kappa Cannoneer and Ugin’s Labyrinth, Affinity is getting a ton of support for Modern. Players should prepare for the strategy to make a massive comeback, and Meltdown may not be enough to stop it.

Warren Soultrader

Warren Soultrader offers an interesting sacrifice outlet, creating Treasure Tokens out of your creatures. Even though you need to pay an additional life for this effect, turning your creatures into mana is absurdly powerful. The popularity of cards like Phyrexian Altar in Commander is a testament to this.

While Modern applications of this card is somewhat questionable, there could be room for it in a deck similar to Yawgmoth Combo. Commander players will absolutely love Warren Soultrader, as the downside does very little in that format, and mana is generally king.

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White Orchid Phantom

White Orchid Phantom is another obvious callback to the card Knight of the White Orchid. This is likely a step up from its historic counterpart, able to destroy a nonbasic land an opponent controls. They do get to search for a basic land, but many decks in the Modern format run rather greedy manabases at the moment. This card also gains Flying, which is a nice touch.

As far as applications go, White Orchid Phantom could have some game. For two mana, white decks now have a great tool to slow down Tron decks. If Ugin’s Labyrinth becomes a major concern, this can also take that out and slow opponents down while putting a relevant body on board. I could see this seeing play in sideboards in Tron-heavy metagames. Two mana for this effect is pretty cheap.

Ashling, Flame Dancer

This feels rather similar to Omnath, Locus of Creation, but Ashling is likely much worse in practice. You can stack your red mana for as long as you have Ashling, but your overall payoffs with this card are harder to trigger, and reward you with less resources. You need to actively cast or copy instants and sorceries for Ashling to do anything, and you only get your mana payoff after the third trigger of her ability. Ashling can wipe small boards with her second ability, however.

All in all, I’m not sure if this card will see any competitive play. Generally, the decks that want to cast a lot of smaller instants and sorceries are not stockpiling on mana in the same way that Omnath decks do. As a result, four mana is a way steeper cost. There’s also little opportunity to get mana with Ashling like you would resolving an Omnath and immediately generating four mana with a Fetch Land. This seems great for Commander Spellslinger decks, however.

Storm Returns

Storm is back, but its on a strange pseudo-removal enchantment this time. Amphibian Downpoar turns creatures into 1/1 Frogs, and has Storm to help it find more victims. Flash is a nice touch, allowing you to Storm off on your opponent’s turns. Overall, I think this is a really niche card that could see some play in the right decks.

Collecting Evidence

Its nice to see newer mechanics potentially appearing in Modern Horizons 3. Detective’s Phoenix utilizes the Collecting Evidence mechanic and can be cast from your grave with its Bestow cost. This could be interesting in decks that have self-mill elements with cards like Dragon’s Rage Channeler. As long as you can pay the Collect Evidence cost, Detective Phoenix can turn a variety of different creatures into relevant threats. That said, the card is rather bad to draw.

More Leaks to Come!

This is far from all the leaks that hit the internet today. Fortunately, we happen to have a spoiler and leak article that should be updated with all the new leaks shortly after this article goes live. We encourage you to take a look at everything we’ve officially and unofficially seen for Modern Horizons 3 so far.

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