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Modern Horizons 2 Won't Have A Limited Print Run Like Time Spiral Remastered

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Modern Horizons 2, the second straight-to-Modern Magic: The Gathering expansion, will be released next month, but fans want to know if the set will have a limited print run like Time Spiral Remastered.

Following our first look at the Modern Horizons 2 cards during yesterday’s Weekly MTG livestream, Wizards of the Coast has confirmed that the upcoming set is not a limited print run set like Time Spiral Remastered, so fans should expect that there should be enough boxes to meet the demand.

Confirmed: Modern Horizons 2 – not a limited print run set

This isn’t surprising news; the first Modern Horizons set was a huge hit thanks to its powerful Modern staples that are also playable in other eternal Constructed formats. Modern Horizons 2 will feature 303 regular cards, some brand new to the Modern format and some are reprints with alternate-art and old school frames. Since Time Spiral Remastered was just a compilation set of the original Time Spiral block, Wizards’ decision to make Modern Horizons 2 not a limited set makes sense since there are more new cards featured in this expansion.

Wizards of the Coast

After Time Spiral Remastered was released in March, many fans had difficulty finding booster boxes in stores because they were sold out in most of them, and a lot of the product’s prices went up due to its high demand. However, Time Spiral Remastered is still available on Amazon at the time of this writing.

Wizards of the Coast


Modern Horizons 2 Packaging Revealed

Modern Horizons 2 is scheduled to release on June 18, 2021. Previews will begin on May 24.

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