8, Sep, 22

This Massive MTG Sale ENDS SOON!

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Article at a Glance

Dominaria United ships out tomorrow! For the MTG players who may miss out on all the new goodies, there’s a last-chance sale right before the shipping date! We’ve been waiting a few weeks to get our hands on some of these cards, and with the prerelease season just about finished, the early price spikes are on their way out. A few cards have shown up in full force over the past weekend, and this may be the cheapest those cards will be for quite a long time. As long as you subscribe to TCGplayer, you can expect a nice 10% Bonus Bucks back on any purchases, but only for this Thursday, September eighth.

There is a fee required for subscribing to the site, but considering that you’ll get an additional 3% Bonus Bucks back on any order over $35 (which is everything for MTG players), it should be pretty easy to get the fee back. Here are some deals we would consider for those interested in taking advantage of this opportunity:

Serra Paragon

serra paragon

Unlike most of the Dominaria United cards out there, we already know Serra Paragon is going to be good. This card is an absolute slam-dunk in Commander, replicating the sought-after effect of Crucible of Worlds while also granting the ability to cast mana value three or less permanent spells from your graveyard. If that weren’t enough, a bizarre Modern deck placed in the top three of a major Modern tournament this past weekend that runs four of these! Now that we know Serra Paragon will likely see Commander and, at worst, fringe Modern play, there’s a very good chance that this card will remain in the double-digits.

This isn’t even the end of Serra Paragon’s story. A major rules violation on the card is currently up for debate. It seems like her ability doesn’t actually apply to nonland permanents she casts appropriately, meaning you can recycle them from your graveyard at will. We all know what the intended function of Serra Paragon is, so it will likely be fixed in the future, but there is an opportunity for a savvy competitive player to break this card and force the fix. Who knows? Reading up on that rules glitch could result in a free payday for you. This card is already seeing a spike during prerelease season back up to $20, showing the potential to follow the same trend as Ledger Shredder did.

Dominaria United Booster Boxes

Earlier this week, we covered a series of insane Sealed deals that are being ignored. We will likely recur some of these in this article to highlight just how incredible these deals are, but one we did not look at was Dominaria United’s Booster Box. Now that the prerelease fever is going down, the EV provided by Dawnglare.com (average expected value of a Dominaria United Draft Booster Box in cards) is a bit more reliable. These draft boxes are selling for a consistent $109.33 for the day. Your expected value on this set, according to TCGplayer’s prices, is currently $127! The 13% Bonus Bucks that TCGplayer offers should help mitigate any potential losses incurred by prerelease prices, but some price trends suggest that those may be less than you think.

Set Booster Box

Let’s take things a step further. Dominaria United Draft Booster boxes are a bit cheaper and fantastic for playgroups looking to draft amongst friends. For those purely interested in a box-opening experience, why not participate in Wizards of the Coast’s Booster Fun initiative? Dominaria United Set Booster Boxes are a bit more expensive, coming in at $122.22 each. That being said, buying the Set Booster Box gives you access to the Dominaria United List, an exclusive collection of reprinted cards that you have a chance of opening in each pack. Some of these cards have a ton of value, convincing some MTG players that this may be the best List for a set we’ve ever seen.

Dominaria Set Booster Boxes are not meant for draft, so the packs’ contents are not as fixed as the draft ones. This means that you can get as many as five different Rare cards in a Dominaria United Set Booster! While the asking price for these boxes is a little bit higher, the potential value provided to a player wanting to open the box on their own may far exceed a Draft Booster Box. If you want to play with friends, however, Draft is the way to go.

Exit From Exile

Of all the deals we covered in our Sealed Deals article, this one has the most value. The expected value for the Exit from Exile Commander deck widely fluctuates between sites, with an EV of $90 on TCGplayer and an EV of $55 on competing sites. Regardless of which number you choose, these preconstructed decks are only $35 on TCGplayer. The contents of these boxes are guaranteed, meaning that these deals are locked in as soon as you purchase the product. The market may continue to fluctuate in the near future for these products, but some of the more expensive cards in this product, like Jeska’s Will, are core Commander staples. Not only are these a must for Commander players’ collections, but prices on these should stay relatively sturdy, considering that everyone from the game’s most popular format wants these.

Ironically, all of the Baldur’s Gate Commander preconstructed decks have incredible value. If you want to read about some of the other decks in the series and gather more info on Exit from Exile, we went into more detail in our Sealed Deals article.

Sheoldred, The Apocalypse

sheoldred, the apocalypse

Everyone knows precisely how good Sheoldred, the Apocalypse is. Because of this, Sheoldred holds a pretty impressive asking price of between $33-$35, with copies selling like hotcakes. Whether you’re playing Standard, Pioneer, or Commander, Sheoldred will have some meaningful impact. However, perhaps the most devastating place to use Sheoldred is Commander, MTG’s most popular format. Rhystic Study is a very popular option in that format that, due to its ability, is considered very annoying in most playgroups. Sheoldred, on the other hand, loves to see a Rhystic Study on your opponent’s board. Suddenly, not only will players stop paying one for Rhystic’s annoying ability, but every successful draw your opponent makes will also cost them two life! Follow this up with a Windfall, and your opponent may think twice before casting one of Commander’s most annoying enchantments against you.

Since everyone knows how good this card is, the 13% Bonus Bucks from TCGplayer’s sale can go even further. There is a chance that Sheoldred will drop in price as more hit the market, but it isn’t guaranteed. Locking in this sale could be the lowest price Sheoldred will be available for in the near future.

Leyline Binding

leyline binding

Here’s another card that players already know is going to be good. Leyline Binding will likely see some play in multiple formats. Because of how easy it is to reduce to a mana cost of one, as well as its synergies with Enigmatic Incarnation (can turn your Leyline Binding into a seven-mana creature) and Nylea’s Presence (can immediately make your Leyline Binding cost one while fixing your mana) in Pioneer, and potential synergies with Zur, Eternal Schemer in Standard, Leyline Binding should see some fringe play in those formats. This card has already appeared in top lists for Modern and will likely see some Commander play in five-color decks. As a result, Leyline Binding is another card that stands to retain some value.

The trend for prerelease premiums is for stores to sell cards at a higher price before the cards are widely available to everyone. Well, the opposite has been happening with Leyline Binding. This card was initially listed at $5 per copy but has since climbed to $12! This trend does not show signs of slowing down and may be the most significant price movement for the whole week! Get these now in case the spike doesn’t stop!

This Sale Ends Tonight!

Make sure you get on these deals before 9 PM EST because TCGplayer’s Bonus Bucks sale ends then. You do need to pay the subscription fee to participate in this sale, but It should be straightforward to get the subscription fee back in discounts from this sale. Subscribers also get priority shipping, meaning that this may be a good option if you’re short on time for a weekend tournament. If you’re looking for even more deals to take advantage of, consider our Sealed article that we wrote earlier this week.

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