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Magic: the Gathering's Cost Should Be Cosmetic, Not Functional

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In this lovely game that we all enjoy, Magic: the Gathering, one of the biggest discussion points is the price of cards, both in paper and digital. This is one of the core aspects of the game that creates a divide between Spikes and Brewers, competitive ladder and tournament grinders and casual players alike. But is that really a healthy thing for the game and the players? Well, one PleasantKenobi chimed in on this topic, and I tend to agree with him.


Vince states that Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, a format staple in multiple formats including Modern, Legacy, heck even Standard and Historic, only costs $3 for the newest version. There is a promo version of the card for the World Magic Cup Qualifiers that is $80. The same card in function, but not in form and that’s the point. Power of cards should not equate to a significantly inflated price. While there’s some wiggle room, players should have reasonable access to cards from a financial standpoint.

If this were to be the case, we’d probably see more people playing the game. The barrier to entry for formats like Modern would be significantly lower. Players would be able to truly build commander decks how they would want them to be built. There’s a lot more benefits than these, but generally I think it’d be a good change for the game.

What do you think about this? Should cards be more affordable for their base versions, regardless of the price? Let us know in the comments

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