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Magic: The Gathering In-Store Play Gets Major Update

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In-store play will finally return in Europe!

Today, Wizards of the Coast has shared an in-store play update for Magic: The Gathering events, reminding players that while the suspension remains lifted in the rest of Asia Pacific, Africa, and the United States, in-store play suspension in Canada, Latin America, and Japan will remain in place. Players in Europe should be happy to know that in-store suspension will be lifted in their region on July 2, 2021.

Wizards of the Coast

That’s great news for European MTG players who can’t wait to gather with their friends and fellow planeswalkers in their local game stores to enjoy Magic in person.

The in-store play suspension was lifted for North America last month, but Wizards of the Coast hasn’t revealed any plans to bring back MagicFests, Grand Prix events, or any major tabletop tournament.

In-store play was suspended globally last year due to COVID-19 pandemic, but thanks to the vaccines given out in various Magic-playing countries across the globe, we should expect to see the return of tabletop play in most Wizards Play Network local game stores this year.

To celebrate the return of sanctioned tabletop events in stores, WotC is offering promotional copies of Fabled Passage, which was first revealed during last week’s Weekly MTG stream. Players who spend $50 or more at any WPN associated store from June 11 will be able to receive this promo card as a reward.

Wizards of the Coast

Have you recently played Magic in your local game store? Feel free to share to us your experience in the comments section below.

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