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Magic: The Gathering In-Store Play Update Reveals Suspension Lifted in North America From May 28

Tabletop events return to U.S. WPN stores in time for summer releases.
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After months of suspended play, it looks like Wizards of the Coast (WOTC) are eager for North America to resume in-store MTG play.

With that, there are a bunch of events and rewards with the launch of Modern Horizons 2, Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, and a limited-time Mystery Booster convention edition Draft.

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Sanctioned In-Store Play Resumes in North America from May 28

As announced in an article supplied by WOTC, in-store sanctioned MTG play is looking to resume in North America on May 28. Local guidelines will remain a priority as tabletop gameplay returns to the U.S., joining Asia-Pacific, Japan, and Africa. Alongside the return of sanctioned play at local game stores, WotC will offer remote prerelease even through the SpellTable.

“In the coming months—and as in-store play resumes in other locations across the globe—we’re rolling out a sequence of exciting promotions to help bring your community back to your store, amplify your events, and give customers more reason to celebrate and love their local game store.”

from Wizards of the Coast


To celebrate the return of sanctioned MTG play at stores, WotC is offering players promotional copies of Fabled Passage with an old frame. You can acquire this card if you spend $50 or more at an official Wizards Play Network (WPN) store from June 11.

Also, players can also receive Dungeons & Dragons spellbook notepads with the purchase of two or more Adventure in the Forgotten Realms prerelease packs from July 16 to 22. Exclusive Wizard Play Network (WPN) stores will run a Mystery Booster convention Draft later this year. Mystery Booster packs from this event are only available for players attending the event at their local games store.

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