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MTG Modern Horizons 2 Art Glimmer Bairn by Nils Hamm Sells for $28,000

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On June 9th, an original art piece for Glimmer Bairn by Nils Hamm was put up for auction over on MTG Art Market by Mark Aronowitz, the agent for Hamm and many other Magic: the Gathering artists. The opening bid was set for $8,000 and was exclusively open to the MTG Art Market group. This piece was created for the card in Modern Horizons 2.

Nils Hamm

Fast forward a week to June 15th, and the bidding closes at $28,000, which makes this the most expensive Modern Horizons 2 art piece sold to date. The painting is an oil painting on a canvas board, 48cm x 34.5cm in size and is signed on the back. The winner of the piece was Will Larson, who also happens to own the original art for Gilder Bairn.

Will had bid privately and was in a bidding war with another private bidder, and only revealed that he has won after the closing of the auction. Congrats to Will on his new acquisition of an amazing piece of Magic art!

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Modern Horizons 2 released on Tabletop on June 18th, 2021, and you can purchase Modern Horizons 2 products here.

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