18, May, 21

Magic: The Gathering Ban Announcement Coming This Week? Here are The Cards That Might Get Banned

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It looks like Magic: The Gathering is getting another ban and restricted announcement soon, but what cards will get banned, restricted, suspended, or unbanned? Which formats will be affected? We may find out by tomorrow.

As Redditor Shouldcould points out, there’s a URL that exists for what appears to be a May 19 Magic: The Gathering ban and restricted announcement on Wizards of the Coast’s website, but if you head to that page, you won’t find any details yet probably because it’s not meant to be public yet. WotC hasn’t confirmed if this ban and restricted announcement will be made yet, so for now we can speculate what cards will probably get banned.

Magic: The Gathering cards that might get banned in May 19 announcement.

Wizards of the Coast

Thassa’s Oracle – Banned in Historic format?

Wizards of the Coast

Tainted Pact – Banned in Historic format?

Wizards of the Coast

Thassa’s Oracle/ Tainted Pact combo decks have been dominating MTG Arena’s Historic format lately. The combo’s ability to win the game if X is greater than or equal to the number of cards in your library while having enough disruptions, counterspells, and tutor cards, is extremely hard to stop unless, of course, you’re running the same archetype. If you look at the Historic decklists of the Magic Pro League and Rivals League members who participated in the May Strixhaven League Weekend, the majority of them played Dimir or Grixis Pact, which all run this powerful combo. Banning either of these cards in Historic will definitely make the metagame healthier for the format. If only one of these cards will get ban hammer, it’s probably Tainted Pact.

Emergent Ultimatum – Banned in Standard format?


This is wild speculation, and the chances of Emergent Ultimatum or any card getting banned in Standard are smaller compared to Tainted Pact and Thassa’s Oracle, but if there’s one card Wizards may ban in Standard, this is the most likely choice since Sultai Ultimatum decks have been dominating the format lately.

Winota, Joiner of Forces – Unbanned in Historic format?

Wizards of the Coast

A lot of fans on social media have been asking to unban Winota, Joiner of Forces from Historic format, but I doubt that Wizards will actually let her free.


21 Magic: The Gathering Cards That Got Banned The Fastest

Of course, we still don’t know for sure if an MTG ban & restricted announcement will actually get made, but we’ll update you here on Epicstream if it comes out on Wednesday.

What cards do you think will get banned, restricted, or unbanned in the next MTG ban & restricted announcement? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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