7, Apr, 21

Magic: The Gathering Arena Mobile App Already Made Improvements

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Article at a Glance

Wizards of the Coast’s recently launched Magic: The Gathering Arena on iOS and Android devices, so the digital card game is now available for cross-play between PC players and mobile/tablet users. Prior to the official launch, the mobile app released its early access version on Android, but now mobile gamers can now play the best trading card game in the world wherever they go. While there are still features missing in the mobile version such as having the option to play best-of-three matches with a complete sideboard, Wizards of the Coast has already made several improvements on the mobile version since its early access.

MTG Arena mobile improvements

In a recent MTG Arena State of the Game, WotC listed down the improvements they made: “Adding the ability to move cards to your sideboard while drafting on mobile, enabling social features, and improving performance to support a wider range of devices”.

Wizards went on to reveal what improvements the developers will be working on next for mobile. “We are continuing to iterate on mobile UI with the Strixhaven release, including improvements like moving the opponent’s pet to the right-hand side of the battlefield to clear up views of the opponent’s lands,’ Wizards said. “One of our next targets here is enabling the horizontal deck builder layout on mobile, and more improvements will follow.”

Wizards of the Coast

It’s good to see that the Wizards of the Coast and MTG Arena developers are doing their best to improve the mobile version of the game, but I hope that they will also work on adding the 5 New Features Magic: The Gathering Arena Should Add. If you’re wondering if MTG Arena is worth playing on mobile and tablet devices, you can read my full review on

Magic: The Gathering Arena is now available to download for free from the App Store or from the Play Store. You’ll need about 1GB of storage space with iPadOS 13.0 (or later) or iOS 13.0 (or later) compatibility to run the app. You can check out the minimum requirements here.

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