17, Aug, 21

Joe Manganiello to Appear on The Command Zone’s MTG Game Knights

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The True Blood star will feature on the popular Commander gameplay series.
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Exciting things are coming to Game Knights, a popular Commander gameplay series hosted by Jimmy Wong and Josh-Lee Kwai. After Post Malone’s appearance back in July, famed actor Joe Manganiello is joining the Game Knights ranks for an episode soon.

Manganiello is a huge MTG and Dungeons & Dragons player, so it seems apt for the True Blood actor to appear on the latest episode on Game Knights. It’s likely to feature Adventure in the Forgotten Realms cards which tie into Manganiello’s interests further. Joining Lee-Kwai, Wong, and Manganiello for the upcoming episode is Becca Scott of Geek & Sundry fame.

Joe Manganiello and MTG

This won’t be the first time we’ve seen Manganiello and MTG cards come together. As part of a series with Day9, Manganiello played with MTG cards as part of the Spellslinger series for Geek & Sundry.

Recently, Manganiello previewed a card from Adventures in the Forgotten Realms which was Werewolf Pack Leader. An interesting card in its own right, as it could see play in Standard once Innistrad: Midnight Hunt is out in September given the Werewolf theme.

Also, the actor is included in various videos for Wizards of the Coast in promoting the crossover MTG set before its release last month.

Commander is blowing up bigger as ever before with names such as Cassius Marsh and Post Malone all playing the popular singleton format on Game Knights. Even former professional MTG players are picking up Commander, most notably the Hall of Famer Brian Kibler, who stepped away from the game to focus on Hearthstone is now playing a Scion of the Ur Dragon deck.

Either way, the upcoming episode of Game Knights is an exciting one and it’s expected to drop in the next few weeks. With the impressive roster of guests on the Commander gameplay series, who knows will appear next on the show.

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