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Iconic Burn Spell Receives Amusing Ramen-Themed Promo Treatment!

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Every year, it feels like more and more promos enter circulation. Early last week, another round of Regional Championship promos was revealed. Highlighted by a gorgeous Godzilla-themed Supreme Verdict and a unique Nexus of Fate variant, these cards are a welcome sight for players dabbling in the competitive scene. On top of that, an intriguing holographic art print serving as a promotion for MTG Pride events was recently previewed, too.

Well, the promo train has clearly not stopped. For players planning on attending Gen Con in August, you now have the opportunity to get your hands on a sweet, alternate art variant of one of the best MTG removal spells ever printed. This card may already boast a wide variety of different art styles, but trust us, this new design is something to behold. Let’s take a closer look at the card and go over exactly how you can obtain it.

Ramen-Themed Lightning Bolt???

Lightning Bolt

The beautiful card in question is none other than Lightning Bolt. Lightning Bolt is an elite removal spell that sees ample Constructed play in Modern, Legacy, and even Pauper. Lightning Bolt premiered all the way back in Alpha over 30 years ago, and it has more than stood the test of time.

As a removal spell, getting to deal three damage to a creature reliably is excellent on rate. What really sets Lightning Bolt over the top, though, is its flexibility. There have been tons of damage-dealing spells printed over the years, but most can’t reliably hit both creatures and players. Those that can, like Skewer the Critics, typically come with a drawback. As such, Lightning Bolt remains the cream of the crop for red burn spells.

Lightning Bolt has been reprinted tons of times. This includes multiple promo and Secret Lair appearances in the past. As such, even though the card is powerful, it doesn’t hold a ton of reprint value. Lightning Bolt currently sits at under 50 cents in its cheapest traditional form.

That being said, what makes this promo so appealing is not its reprint value. Instead, it’s the amazing artwork from manga and graphic novel artist Toru Terada. Seeing strands of noodles interwoven between streaks of bright lightning may sound a bit strange, but the image is so carefully crafted that it makes the entire card pop.

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How to Get Yours

Spell Pierce

Fortunately, for those attending Gen Con, it’s easy to walk away with one of these cards. There are two main avenues players can take to add the Lightning Bolt to their collections.

First, anyone that enters an MTG event that costs $40 or more will receive a Lightning Bolt promo by default. There are a multitude of different events in this price range, including any Secret Lair Showdown Qualifier. Now, if you enter a Showdown Qualifier, you’ll score Lightning Bolt and Spell Pierce promos just for participating!

The second way to grab a hold of the Lightning Bolt promo is by purchasing a Secret Lair Hasbro Pulse booth E501. Of note, it’s not entirely clear which Secret Lair products will be available, and there’s a good chance they are in limited supply.

We do know for a fact that the Burning Revelations Secret Lair drop will be available, albeit in limited quantities. The Burning Revelations Secret Lair is sold exclusively at various Con events. It features some rather pricy reprint (most notably, Akroma’s Memorial), so this is a perfect opportunity to get it.

Much like the Secret Lair Showdown promos, this Lightning Bolt variant is only available in traditional foil. Even though Lightning Bolt itself isn’t an expensive card, this promo could still hold some decent value. After all, the Spell Pierce Secret Lair promo that is given to Showdown Qualifier participants currently sits at $65! It’s unclear exactly how many Lightning Bolts there will be going around but considering that it’s currently only available to Gen Con attendees, it wouldn’t be surprising if its price entered the double digits.

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Player Reaction

Overall, the art design on the Lightning Bolt promo has been extremely well-received. Tons of players have voiced their desire to obtain a playset by any means necessary. There will likely be immense demand for these cards from players that couldn’t make it to Gen Con. Not only is Lightning Bolt heavily played in a multitude of formats, but most Constructed decks that utilize Lightning Bolt play three to four copies.

The only major downside that players mentioned with regards to the promo (besides the fact that its exclusiveness can drive up the price, of course) is that non-foil copies won’t be available. Many players that participate in tournaments try to steer clear of foils to avoid curling and the like, so it makes sense why having a non-foil option would be desirable.

Gen Con is less than two months away, and now MTG players have even more to look forward to. Ramen and lightning may be a bit of a strange duo, but that doesn’t detract from the card’s outstanding art in the slightest. Toru Terada truly is a master of their craft!

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