27, Jul, 22

How To Mute Your Opponent In MTG Arena

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MTG Arena isn’t the most social game with there being minimum ways to interact with your opponent in any given match. However, if the player across the digital table is becoming somewhat of a pest, you may want to mute them.

Luckily, WotC has anticipated that some players may choose to abuse the emote/phrase system and baked in a mute feature for anyone to use. Here’s how you do it!

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How to Mute in MTG Arena

If you want to mute your opponent in MTG Arena, the process is quite simple. Click on your opponent’s avatar – located just above their life total – and select the mute option.

If you want to give your opponent a second chance and see what they have to say again, you can just repeat the above process and this will unmute them.

They will not receive any kind of notification to say that you have muted them. Likewise, if you are muted by another player, you can still use your emotes and phrases but they will not see them.

If you believe the actions of a player were deserving of a ban, you can submit a report against them. There are no strict guidelines for reporting a player but dragging out a game and spamming emotes is seen as being in bad spirit and could result in action being taken. You will not receive a notification if action is taken against a player that you report.

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