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How to Earn XP in MTG Arena

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Despite being a lot of fun to play, MTG Arena does have the potential to be a truly soulless grind sometimes. This is thanks to the slow burn of progression which limits how quickly players can obtain Wildcards. Thankfully, Arena is hardly pay-to-win, but free-to-play users will nevertheless need to invest a lot of their time.

Thanks to this sometimes grueling process, you might understandably be wondering how to earn XP and how to do it quickly. Thankfully, explaining this is fairly simple, so let’s not wait around to do exactly that! Here’s everything you need to know about earning XP in MTG Arena! 

Ways to Earn XP in MTG Arena

Before we get properly started, it’s important to note that, unfortunately, there are limits in place around earning XP. This means that, no matter how much MTG Arena you play, you can only level up so much each day. While this may make an Arena binge a little bit less fulfilling, hopefully, it should keep you from getting too addicted. 

With that caveat out of the way, it’s time to talk about actually earning XP. Thankfully, to do that all you have to do is play. Each week, players can earn 250 XP from their first fifteen wins. With each win rewarding that XP bounty, there’s a total of 3750xp up for grabs! That’s almost four levels on the Mastery Pass! 

MTG Arena Daily Win Rewards

MTG Arena Daily Win Rewards XP

Alongside weekly wins, MTG Arena also features Daily Win Rewards. Unlike the Weekly rewards, these change depending on the number of games you’ve won. In total, there is 250 XP available to earn from these Daily Wins. Additionally, players can also earn 750 Gold and six Individual Card Rewards (ICRs)each day. 

Here’s a breakdown of the Daily Win Reward structure.

Daily Win NumberReward
1250 Gold + 25 XP
2100 Gold + 25 XP
3100 Gold + 25 XP
4100 Gold + 25 XP
5ICR + 25 XP
650 Gold + 25 XP
7ICR + 25 XP
850 Gold + 25 XP
9ICR + 25 XP
1050 Gold + 25 XP
1225 Gold
1425 Gold

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MTG Arena Daily Quest Rewards

MTG Arena Quests

As if Weekly and Daily wins weren’t enough, MTG Arena also offers a quest each day. Offering either 500 Gold and XP or 750 Gold and 500 XP, these quests are incredibly lucrative. As a result, to maximize your XP and Gold gains, you’ll want to do these quests as often as possible. Each day, you’ll get a new quest at 9:00 AM UTC.

To maximize your earnings, you’re also able to reroll your quests if you wish. By doing this, you are able to potentially reroll your way into a quest that’s easier to complete. Alternatively, you’re also able to reroll a quest into a better one which rewards more Gold. 

While we technically only care about XP in this article, it’s hard to ignore the allure of more gold. As a result, it’s often best practice to reroll every 500 Gold quest. At worst, this will simply change it into a different quest for you to do. Alternatively, however, you may luck your way into a 750 Gold quest, increasing your earnings.

As a note, no matter which daily quest you do, the XP received is always 500. Subsequently, if you’re just interested in getting XP, aim for the easiest quests possible.

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MTG Arena Event XP Rewards 

MTG Arena XP

To complement the daily earnings, MTG Arena also occasionally runs events that offer more opportunities to earn XP. Many of these are in-game events, which can offer XP, alongside cosmetic or monetary rewards for winning. Unfortunately, events that provide XP in MTG Arena, are not guaranteed, so keep your eye out for them.

As if in-game events weren’t enough, this September, Wizards is also running an in-person promotion. By attending WPN store events during this month, players can earn upwards of 4,000 XP! More information about this promotion can be found here. Unfortunately, it’s currently unclear if Wizards will continue this in-person event in the future. If they do, playing MTG IRL could be a great way to earn additional XP.

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