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How to add friends in MTG Arena

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Find out how to build up your friend list in MTG Arena.
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MTG Arena is a lot of fun thanks to a fairly intuitive interface, the fact that it’s free, and the ability to add friends in MTG Arena and then play with them when you want to. 

The ability to play online against friends is such a huge boon, especially if you can’t make it down to your LGS for whatever reason, and it really enhances the enjoyment offered by the game. 

Sure, playing online with random people is fun and all, but sometimes you just want to spend four hours playing Brawl against someone you know. 

So, here’s everything you need to know to add friends in MTG Arena. 

How to add friends in MTG Arena

You’d think that this feature would have been here from the start of MTG Arena, but you’d be wrong. 

It took a fair while before we actually got the chance to add friends in MTG Arena, but now that we can, we’re never looking back. 

To add a friend in MTG Arena, you need to click on the small icon that looks like a person in the bottom-left of the game. This works more or less on every screen in the game, so don’t worry about that. 

From here, you’ll need to click the one with a plus sign, and then enter your friend’s email or MTG Arena name and click Send. They’ll need to do the same or accept the invite, easy. 

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Where is the friend list in MTG Arena

As having friends at all seemed impossible to begin with, the friend list is also rather new. 

It’s there now though, and you can easily find it by clicking on the same icon you used to begin the friend adding process, that is the little icon on the bottom left. 

That’s it. That’ll bring up your friends list. That was nice and easy, wasn’t it?

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