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Hidden MTG Metabreaker Soars to $40 Following Pro Tour Victory

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Magic Con Chicago has come and gone. Everything from the event has sparked discussion all over the internet. Whether it’s a new cycle of free spells coming in Modern Horizons 3, or Oko’s return to the Standard format, tons of incredible things were unveiled this weekend.

This, of course, does not just stop at spoilers. Even the competitive events that occurred at Magic Con Chicago had surprising results. The Standard 75K event with Pro Tour invites was won by a 68-card deck, and the Pro Tour itself was won by a Typal deck!

No one expected Rakdos Vampires to take down the Murders at Karlov Manor Pro Tour, but now that it has, there are some major price spikes happening on the secondary market.

Vein Ripper

Vein Ripper

It turns out that Blood Artist’s older cousin is something a lot more than just that. For six mana, a Flying creature with a devastating Ward cost and an upgraded ability of an already popular card seems like a slam dunk for Commander. While many thought this, few saw its hidden potential, allowing it to dominate the Pioneer format. Generally, six mana is too much for a creature to impact these formats in a meaningful way. That remains true for Vein Ripper, as it had a little help.

Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord happens to synergize very well with Vein Ripper. Not only can this three mana Planeswalker cheat out the Ripper, but Sorin can also grow it, giving it Deathtouch and Lifelink. To make things even more ridiculous, Vein Ripper upgrades Sorin’s second ability, essentially allowing a sacrificed Vampire to become not only a Lightning Bolt, but drain for an additional two damage as well.

Strangely, Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord has had decent cards to cheat out in the past. Ghalta and Mavren was a particularly deadly candidate, with the combo essentially offering a 12/12 with upside for three mana! That said, if you did not get the combo with Sorin, Ghalta and Mavren was basically uncastable in most decks.

Vein Ripper, to compare, can not only be naturally cast in a Rakdos list, but its Ward ability makes it much more difficult to remove. In order to deal with the creature, most opponents will have to two-for-one themselves. Even board wipes that don’t exile can be problematic as Vein Ripper threatens a massive amount of life drain.

While many overlooked how powerful this combination was, Channel Fireball took notice and dominated the Pro Tour with it. Congratulations for MTG veteran Seth Manfield for his second Pro Tour victory!

The Spike

A big thing to note with this Vein Ripper spike is, at the time of writing, this spike still appears to be growing. For that reason, this card could easily continue to increase in price further even after this article was written.

On February 22nd, Vein Ripper was worth about $7.50. On February 26, Vein Ripper is selling for $27. What an absurd spike.

There’s even some outliers selling for $40 or more. The massive spike in interest for Vein Ripper seems very real.

Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord, as many may expect, is also seeing a rise in price. While Vein Ripper had some interest before the spike, Sorin’s interest was much higher. This card has remained one of the best Vampire Typal payoffs in Magic’s 30-year history. Combine that with some heavy scarcity from only one printing, and before Rakdos Vampires took over the Pioneer format, Sorin was already $14. Now, Sorin is pushing towards $40, with $30 being a more common selling point.

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Clue Cards Spiking

While it was largely overlooked because of the chaos that was MTG Con Chicago, MTG Clue released last Friday! Popular exclusives from that set have also been rising in price this week.

Suppressor Skyguard seems to be the card spiking the hardest of them all. This card is obviously meant for Commander, as its effects only apply in situations where more than one opponent is present.

Suppressor Skyguard makes it quite difficult for opponents to deal meaningful combat damage to you. Unless they can point a creature towards all of their opponents, Suppressor Skyguard makes it so any combat damage you take is prevented. Even if opponents can get some creatures to swing your way for damage, the Skyguard forces them to split their army up. At best, this stone walls any attempt to threaten your life total. At worse, your opponents are forced to send some creatures in other directions.

Suppressor Skyguard was valued at about $5 when preorders for the card first went live. The card has spiked quickly! According to recent sales on TCGplayer, this card is quickly pushing $20!

Lonis, Genetics Expert was quickly identified as a Commander powerhouse. Going infinite with this card is a piece of cake, with multiple two-card infinites being available for players to kill opponents with. If three cards are to your taste, Lonis likely has dozens of those. If you want a place to start with constructing these combos, we wrote an article all about it!

Just like all of our other topics today, Lonis is also seeing a very explosive and immediate price spike. Worth about $5 at release, Lonis is also beginning to push $20.

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Cards to Keep an Eye On

With all these massive price readjustments hitting the scene at the same time, there are likely more to follow as a result of this weekend’s reveals. To finish things off, here are a few cards we recommend keeping an eye on in the coming days:

  • Preacher of the Schism[/tootlips]. This card appears in the Vampire Typal deck that won the Pro Tour, and is somewhat popular in Standard.
  • Energy payoffs. Not only does the Science! Fallout Commander deck utilize Energy counters, but another Jeskai Commander deck releasing alongside Modern Horizons 3 utilizes it as well. Expect powerful energy payoffs to get expensive. Aetherworks Marvel has already jumped from $2 to $7.

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