13, May, 21

Here's How You Can Get 5 Strixhaven: School of Mages Special Card Sleeves in MTG Arena

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Want to represent your favorite Strixhaven college in MTG Arena? Here's how!
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MTG Arena is getting into the Strixhaven spirit with the College Cup! With that, there’s plenty of free goodies to acquire during the event.

Starting on May 13 and ending on May 31, the Strixhaven College Cup will challenge players to compete in various formats and represent their college of choice. With this, there are three ways you can score points for your favorite college. One of those ways is adding a free special MTG Arena sleeve to your deck.

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How to Acquire Strixhaven Sleeves

By taking this quiz, you can acquire a sleeve of the Strixhaven college of your choice. If you want all five, then you may have to re-do the quiz a few times to get there. There are other ways to generate points for your favorite college in MTG Arena which includes the following:

  • Using your college’s Avatar (unlocked through the Set Mastery web).
  • Using your college’s Tome Pet (available through Mastery Pass).

Also, there will be a handful of MTG Arena events going on during the College Cup where you can represent your favorite college.

  • May 13–18: Test of Knowledge — Singleton Emeritus format
  • May 20–25: Test of Wit — 100-Card Treasure Standard format
  • May 27–31: Test of Leadership — Strixhaven Brawl format

Each event will have an entry fee of 2,500 gold or 500 gems. The college most represented at the end of the College Cup will earn exclusive MTG Arena prizes.

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Upon the conclusion of the College Cup, Wizards of the Coast will announce the winner and provide a code that all MTG Arena players may redeem to earn the sleeve of the winning college. For a short period of time, MTG Arena will reflect the winning college following that college being crowned Champion of the College Cup!

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