29, Jan, 22

Hate Urza's Saga? New Neon Dynasty Cards Are the Perfect Answers

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Article at a Glance

When Urza’s Saga came out in Modern Horizons 2, many Magic players thought that every deck would play it, and that the card would take over the game. Fast forward to today, and the impact of Urza’s Saga is not that extreme. But it is undeniably good and a lot of decks play the card.

It can be difficult to interact with Urza’s Saga because it is an enchantment land. But two new cards were revealed in Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty that can kill the saga efficiently.

Urza’s Saga

You can of course Disenchant or Pillage an opponent’s Urza’s Saga. But those aren’t the most efficient ways of killing the land.

Currently, Blood Moon and Spreading Seas are the best ways to answer Urza’s Saga. But not every deck can run Blood Moon or Spreading Seas.

Now, thanks to Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, Magic players have a few more answers to the enchantment land.

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March of Otherworldly Light

March of Otherworldly Light can exile an artifact, creature, or enchantment. This can kill Urza’s Saga for a single white mana. It can also exile the Construct tokens that Saga makes at instant speed.

But the best part about this card is that it scales up to answer other threats, making it versatile.

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Boseiju, Who Endures

It could be argued that at least one copy of Boseiju, Who Endures, should be played in every green deck. The legendary land comes into play untapped just like a basic Forest. But you can also discard it to destroy an artifact, enchantment, or nonbasic land an opponent controls. This gives Boseiju a low deckbuilding cost, but a high upside.

Similar to March of Otherworldly Light, Boseiju can kill Urza’s Saga and the Construct tokens that it makes.

But Boseiju can also deal with a variety of other threats in many formats. It kills Tron Lands (Urza’s Tower) and Blood Moon in Modern. And it answers Smothering Tithe and Lightning Greaves in Commander.

And you can always play Boseiju as a land if you need it.

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