8, Oct, 21

Get A Taste of Worlds in This MTG Arena Game Mode

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Today is the first day of the Magic: the Gathering World Championships, and as tradition, Magic Arena has a temporary game mode based on the event.

Worlds Showcase Event

Wizards of the Coast

The Worlds Showcase event is a limited time mode where players can pick any of the 16 Standard decks from the competitors to play. Rewards for this event are 2000 XP for the first two wins, and a Worlds Card Sleeve for the 3rd win. What is nice about this event is that you don’t need to own any of the cards in the format.

These kinds of events are great for budget players or newer players who don’t know what to play, as they can get an opportunity to test out world class decks so they can make better informed decisions with their wild cards. This is also a great chance for competitive players to get a better understanding of the top meta decks without having to sacrifice their ranks.

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Once again, this is a limited time event, so don’t miss out on this great chance to play with the best decks in the Standard meta. If you’ve played the event, what’s your favorite deck? Let us know in the comments!

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