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8, Oct, 21

Jund Dragons May Be the Sleeper Deck in MTG Standard

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In our current standard, we are in a time where 2 styles of decks are taking over the format. Players are attempting to find some miracle deck to beat the format, and today, we have a deck that seems to be a likely contender.

Jund Dragons

Our deck list today comes from @Astralsflame over on twitter who made an early push to Mythic this month using a Jund Dragons deck


This deck is an interesting hybrid deck that between a Rakdos Treasures deck and a Gruul aggro deck. The result is a midrange / ramp deck that get put some sizable creatures in place and race with many decks. Let’s take a look at the deck in more detail!

A Tale of Three Dragons

Our Dragons are some truly considerable boss monsters. Goldspan Dragon needs no introduction. It’s one of the best creatures in the format and contributes to our treasures them.

Ebondeath, Dracolich fits nicely in our deck as a surprise attacker and is recursive since creatures will be probably dying throughout our match. Lasty, Immerstrum Predator is a very sticky threat, and it also gives us some play against various Flashback spells in Izzet Turns.

All of these dragons are important to our game plan, but we do have some other very crucial cards to consider as well.

The Green

The Green in this deck comes in a few powerful synergies. Jaspera Sentinel and Magda, Brazen Outlaw is a very strong 1, 2 punch that allows us to ramp into our Goldspan as early as turn 3, or any of our other threats for that matter.

Prosperous Innkeeper, while giving us a treasure, also helps us dampen the damage that aggressive decks can deal. Esika’s Chariot combos well here as well to give us plenty of blockers, or can make an extra treasure token in a pinch.

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Other Support Cards

We have some great support cards in this deck as well. Kalain, Reclusive Painter helps buff our big creatures, since we should have plenty of treasures to use. Deadly Dispute also makes some treasures, is our card draw, and really can help us keep the pressure up.

Shambling Ghoul is a nice early drop that can ramp us, that can also double as removal, and is great sacrifice fodder for Deadly Dispute. Dragon’s Fire and Soul Shatter round out the list as our removal package.

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If you’re looking for a fun, and powerful Standard deck, this one is definitely a sleeper. Big thanks to Astralsflame for the deck! Give this one a try and Let us know what you think of it in the comments!

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