4, Jun, 23

Game Store Offers $190,000 Cash For The One Ring MTG Card!

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Article at a Glance

In the Lord of the Rings IP, the many Rings of Power are very central to the story. A new television series, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, showcases their importance by going into detail about their forging. Given the franchise’s name, it’s safe to say each Ring of Power is incredibly important within the Lord of the Rings saga. As we all know, however, there is only one ring to rule them all, which is even true for MTG!

With MTG featuring Lord of the Rings as the basis for the upcoming set, there are a lot of examples of flavorful references to these Rings. At the forefront of these references is the design of The One Ring. Rather than solely printing this card as a feature of the set, Wizards of the Coast went a step further by announcing that a singular copy of The One Ring will be serialized as one of one, and the artwork is simply gorgeous.

Much like winning the lottery, whoever gets their hands on this card stands to become very rich. Before the set has even been released, there have been multiple celebrities and organizations offering bids for The One Ring. Cassius Marsh, a well-known NFL player and MTG enthusiast, recently offered a $150,000 bounty to whoever opens this rare gem.

This week, a local game store decided to do one better, giving a bounty of their own at $190,000. Many people believe the card is worth a lot more and will only increase in value over time. If you are indeed the lucky individual to open this rare card, is it best to sell it right away? How much will the card truly be worth after all?

To Sell or Not to Sell

Many MTG players have joked about what they would do if they opened The One Ring. In reference to Mount Doom, some have said they would throw it into a nearby volcano. Other people have stated they would keep quiet and reveal their prized possession only after the going price continued to rise in anticipation. On the flipside, some people if put into this situation may be tempted to sell The One Ring as quickly as possible. After all, $190,000 sounds like a great offer.

The thing is, the $150,000 offer from Cassius Marsh may have also sounded great at the time, but has now been outbid substantially. I’d be very surprised if the $190,00 offer stays in the news as the highest well-known offer very long. Collectors clearly see immense value in the card given its rarity, and the card may very well continue to increase in value over time. There are serious benefits in waiting to sell the card and letting major potential buyers continue to raise the auction. This does not come without its risks, however.

Risk Versus Reward

In order to make sure the card continues to hold its value, it should be kept in decent condition. Unfortunately, however, the card already appears to be curled, as is common with many Secret Lair Foils. Thankfully, since the one-of-one One Ring is unique, the condition of the card may not be super important to its overall selling price.

That being said, if the card is severely damaged it will absolutely matter to many collectors. Subsequently, the LGS owner making the $190,000 offer made it clear they’ll only buy the card if it’s not noticeably damaged. This point may not be a dealbreaker for some, however, it’s likely other potential buyers may follow suit.

Outside of the potential damage, another risk of holding onto this high-value collection is the attention it brings. It is akin to winning the lottery, after all. Due to this people will likely try to do anything they can to get you to give the card up. Because of this, selling a prized collectible card like this is certainly the safest option, however, it is hardly the most compelling from a financial standpoint.

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As much as it can be a negative, another reason to hold onto The One Ring is that auctions and posts like these will drum up plenty of publicity. This is certainly the case for the latest offer from Mystery MTG. Rather than just putting a notice up at their store, this offer was publicized online for the MTG community to gawp at, and get excited about.

For celebrities with lots of money to offer up front, this publicity is a huge upside. It wouldn’t surprise me if other celebrity MTG enthusiasts such as Post Malone go out of their way to make counteroffers, all of which will drive up the bidding for The One Ring.

For the finder of The One Ring, this increased value thanks to publicity is certainly an upside. Beyond this, however, it’s also a great win for Wizards of the Coast. After all, not only are players eager to buy packs to try and find The One Ring themselves but the publicity acts like a constant advertisement for MTG. It’s a win-win situation.

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How High Can the One Ring Go?

One of the hardest questions to answer is when will The One Ring reach its peak price and begin to plateau. For reference, Yugioh had a similar unique card sell for over $300,000, and many MTG players believe this is just the beginning for The One Ring. Given MTG’s substantial popularity as a card game, I’d expect The One Ring to sell for much more. So much more, in fact, that the $190,000 offer may look low in comparison to the final sale price.

Ultimately, since The One Ring has yet to be found, it’s highly unlikely this $190,000 offer will be the last. If anything it may just be a compelling starting point for more offers to be based on in the future. Considering Mystery MTGs’ owner is planning to counter higher offers, this impending price increase seems all but guaranteed.

At the end of the day, it’s too early to say if The One Ring will end up in Mystery MTG’s collection. Not only may there be higher bids, but it’s possible The One Ring may never be found at all. Either way, however, this promotion has nonetheless already been a great advertisement for everyone involved. Subsequently, you shouldn’t be surprised to see even more high-profile offers for this card in the future!

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