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These Amazon Prime Day Deals Make MTG Look Cheap!

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Unfortunately, one of the bigger downsides of having Magic as a hobby is how expensive it is. There also aren’t a ton of great sales to help players try to stretch their dollars. Thankfully, however, everyone’s favorite mega corporation is here to help, as it’s Amazon Prime Day!

For players who are interested in getting Sealed product for cheap, Amazon Prime Day can be surprisingly lucrative. It’s not uncommon for booster boxes of recent sets to have some surprising discounts. This even, occasionally, extends to Collector Booster product for those who want to chase some of the more luxurious things that MTG has to offer.

This article covers all of the best deals on Amazon Prime as of July 11 at 10:40 am US EST. One startling trend about Prime Day deals for MTG is how quickly they change. It’s not uncommon for a deal to disappear over the course of an hour, so keep that in mind when reading through this article. In fact, in the writing of this article, two deals already disappeared. All of the deals that should pop here are good as of the above time, however.

A quick reminder that to take advantage of these Prime Day deals, you do need to sign up as an Amazon Prime member. If you’re interested in one of the larger discounts on this list, however, the sign-up fee is more than worth it.

Here are the Amazon Prime Day deals we would recommend for July 2023.

Our Commander Recommendation

A reminder that some of the better deals will disappear within hours of it going live. If the deals on some of the larger ticket items are of interest to you, you may want to jump on them quickly.

Dominaria Remastered has a rather volatile opening available. There are a ton of massive hits in the set like Force of Will, Vampiric Tutor, Worldly Tutor (and all the other tutors), and Entomb. These are some of the best cards in all of Commander!

The downside is that there are also a ton of not-so-great things to find. It’s easy to have an absolutely incredible opening of Dominaria Remastered that goes far past the $110 price point these are being offered at. It’s also easy to open a ton of terrible cards that aren’t worth too much.

At the end of the day, however, if you’re after multiple reprints available in this set (and if you play Commander, you probably are), this is $20 cheaper than the rest of the market, making it, likely, one of the lowest entry points for the Dominaria Remastered set that we’ve seen in some time.

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Our Constructed Recommendation

While there is plenty of Sealed product for players who want to crack packs, and Commander decks for players who want to sleeve something up and play, constructed players don’t have a ton of options for this particular sale. There is, however, this Orzhov Auras Pioneer Challenger deck.

Pioneer players may be scratching their heads since there is no relevant Orzhov Auras deck in competitive MTG at the moment. Unfortunately, Wizards of the Coast is infamous for the time delay on these competitive products rendering them irrelevant in terms of the intended format. Even when this deck was initially released, there were no Auras decks to be heard of in the metagame. Fortunately, that doesn’t matter too much when evaluating this product.

Unlike a Booster Box, the contents of this Challenger deck are fixed, so we know exactly what cards are available here. For $20, you will be getting access to about $50 worth of cards! The biggest highlight available in this deck is a $15 Thoughtseize, considered one of the best cards in competitive MTG. Otherwise, this deck offers access to a full playset of Concealed Courtyard, and many of the Bogles-like goodies that Pioneer has to offer. While Auras is no longer considered a top-tier archetype, it can still pop up and surprise any given room as it did at the Phyrexia: All Will Be One Pro Tour.

Do note, however that, while this is the best price point that you can get the Orzhov Auras Challenger deck for at the moment and a 30% discount from Amazon’s usual price for the product, it’s not a major discount for what this product is retailing for on the secondary market.

The Serialized Lottery

Got money burning a hole in your pocket? Want to take a chance on some super expensive cardboard at a better rate than the current Lord of the Rings Collector Booster Boxes? This MTG Amazon Prime deal may be of interest to you.

The Brothers’ War Collector Booster Boxes were the first introduction the MTG world had to Serialized cards. Numbered between 1 and 500, each of the cards on the set’s Bonus Sheet had an extremely rare treatment available to those lucky enough to find them. The right card, depending on the number of the card and what the card is, can sell for thousands of dollars. The tradeoff is that these are very difficult to open.

This is not the only chase card that the Brothers’ War Collector Booster packs have to offer. Lucky players can also open a Transformers Shattered Glass Foil. These are also quite rare, available in only 8% of packs. As such, these retail for around $500 on the more expensive end of things, but have proven to be somewhat difficult to move.

Either way, of our options here, the Brothers’ War Collector Booster packs offer the greatest potential rewards. The box is still rather expensive, with this particular deal offering them for $170 after taking $50 off. This is about $20 cheaper than the rest of the market. That said, most of the potential value in these boxes is in the lottery-ticket-esque Serialized and Transformers Shattered Glass foil cards. As a result, these openings can be rather volatile, and you’re not likely to hit a big-ticket item. There are some other $20+ cards in this set but, for the most part, breaking even without hitting a Serialized card is tough. Hitting one nets you a massive payday.

There’s More to See!

This is hardly all of the Amazon Prime Day deals for Magic: the Gathering, but they are some of the best ones. There are some other Booster Boxes going for cheaper prices, and some older preconstructed Commander decks that may be available for a bargain. If there’s something specific you’re looking for that did not pop up on our list, take a look around and see what you find.

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