12, Jul, 22

The Best Prime Day MTG Deals: Our Top Picks

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Article at a Glance

For today and tomorrow only, Amazon is offering their Prime Day sales! While there is some debate as to the all-time greatest source for MTG deals, around this time of year when Amazon’s mega sale hits town, it’s always worth having a look at what’s out there.

And it looks like this year it’s more about MTG accessories than the cards themselves, so let’s take a look at what we thought were some of the best of the best.


If you’re looking for a new high-quality playmat to add to your collection, there is an opportunity here. Paramint playmats have sales on Prime Day that provide lower prices than their host site. These playmats come in vibrant colors, with designs from various TCG artists commissioned for each sale. The playmats come in packaging that can double as protective sleeves, and the overall quality seems decent. While Tolarian Community College, the hub for MTG product review, has not yet taken a look at this product line, the reviews out there look suitable for the playmat series. The featured design is my favorite for sale, but if you find a design of the tens of designs worth getting behind, now may be the best time to pick up a Paramint playmat!

Commander Tracker

This unique accessory may interest Commander players who have trouble keeping track of everything during a game of Commander. This wooden tracker has systems to track life total, Commander damage, and Commander tax! While this product is also on sale for Prime Day, it only puts the price in line with other places selling it. If you prefer to purchase from Amazon or have deals exclusively on that platform, consider picking this up if it interests you. There’s no harm in thinking it over a bit for those who don’t.

This is Only Available for a Limited Time!

There isn’t much time to act for those interested in the actual deals available here. This sale ends tomorrow, so if you want to pick up a playmat from Paramint, make sure you work fast! For those interested in Double Masters 2022 singles, there may be some urgency to make a move on those as well.

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