11, Apr, 24

Doctor Who Commander Card Causes 274% Price Increase!

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It’s the day before prerelease for Outlaws of Thunder Junction begins! Players are getting ready to show off their newest Commanders in high fashion, and some powerful cards are rising in price as a result.

Interestingly, Thunder Junction isn’t the only new cards that are causing some MTG price spikes in the secondary market. A Secret Lair that only started shipping recently is also causing some secondary market stirs.

The product we’re referring to is the Doctor Who: Regeneration set. This product contains five mechanically unique cards featured as a part of the Universes Beyond Doctor Who crossover. Traditionally, mechanically unique Secret Lair cards have been quite expensive thanks to them being incredibly difficult to access for those who did not purchase it. An extreme likelihood of advanced scarcity should skyrocket these cards to oblivion.

Regardless, players are also looking to actually use these cards as Commanders, and one MTG card is spiking as a result of synergies with The Celestial Toymaker.

Make an Example

If you’ve been keeping track of MTG news lately, pile sorting has been quite the topic. Thanks to a shocking Deal or No Deal proxy used for The Celestial Toymaker, the card has been gaining a lot of eyeballs.

The Celestial Toymaker is one of the cards in the Doctor Who: Regeneration set. The card awards you for playing with effects that separates cards into piles. The topic for today is one such example that does so.

Make an Example forces opponents to separate all of their creatures into two piles. You choose one, and those creatures are sacrificed. Considering that this effect does not apply to you, the card probably functions better than it initially looks.

Even if this isn’t as efficient as Cyclonic Rift, you should be able to halve all of your opponent’s boards for just four mana. The disparity in board states can allow you to pull ahead quite abruptly.

Thanks to players preparing Commander decks for The Celestial Toymaker, Make an Example has risen from $1.87 to $7! If you’re not playing The Celestial Toymaker, chances are there are better cards out there for your strategy.

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Darksteel Reactor

Whenever a ‘win the game’ effect sees some new support, the card tends to go up in price. Last week, we talked about how the Wilds of Eldraine Court cards were going up in price because of Obeka, Splitter of Seconds. The creature’s ability to grant an absurd number of extra upkeeps can skyrocket the speed of this win condition. Instead of putting a single Charge Counter on the card, Obeka could easily get multiple Charge Counters on it per turn.

Thanks to the synergy with this new exciting Commander, Darksteel Reactor has jumped from $9 to as high as $30 since the beginning of April. Darksteel Reactor only has one printing from Darksteel, which means that any demand on the card will cause a serious price spike.

Goblin Welder

Goblin Welder variants across the board have been seeing a more gradual price spike. Different variants all maintain a unique price, but most of these cards have spiked from a $9-10 range to a $15-16 range. This little Goblin excels in artifact strategies, commonly appearing in the Legacy and Commander formats.

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Rot Hulk

Pointed out by Heroes and Legends on YouTube, Rot Hulk is seeing some explosive price increases this week. This may be partially due to the new Zombie support releasing in Outlaws of Thunder Junction. Gisa, the Hellraiser and Geralf, the Fleshwright in particular may be powerful upgrades to Zombie Typal decks everywhere. Gisa can create a massive army of Zombies, while being a lord for them, as long as you are consistently Committing Crimes. Geralf doesn’t synergize quite as well with the Typal archetype, but can still provide a ton of Zombies for any player able to cast multiple spells in a turn.

Rot Hulk is a great curve topper for Zombie strategies. Able to resurrect an instant army on entry, Rot Hulk is an army in a can. Because this card was only released in a supplemental product any demand for Rot Hulk causes it to skyrocket in price as supply is direly low.

Rot Hulk has been consistently spiking since January, but the spike increased in severity recently. In mid-March, Rot Hulk was worth $19. The card is now semi-consistently selling for $40 according to recent sales. That said, when including outliers, Rot Hulk is selling for as much as $55.

Constructed Changes to Come!

Most price changes this week have been Commander related because its tough to know exactly how constructed Magic will be impacted until players actually have the cards in their hands. If you’re a fan of any 60-card MTG format, be sure to keep an eye on Outlaws of Thunder Junction cards rising in price for the following weeks.

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