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MTG Combo Piece from 2014 sees 462% Price Increase Thanks to Thunder Junction

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Article at a Glance

Outlaws of Thunder Junction spoiler season is finally at a close. Considering just how many cards were spoiled thanks to the unexpected Big Score cards, this particular spoiler season felt particularly… crammed.

Prerelease weekend is coming up, and players appear to be purchasing some cards to get ready for the influx of new goodies. Outlaws of Thunder Junction is a rather powerful set, so a whole bunch of different things are getting some attention. Let’s take a look!

Ugin’s Nexus

This Khans of Tarkir Mythic Rare finds itself in some new infinite combos thanks to Thunder Junction. Essence Duplicator, also part of a two-card Mindslaver combo, is creating a ton of different infinite combos. This time, Ugin’s Nexus and Krark Clan Ironworks can allow you to take infinite extra turns when combined with Essence Duplicator. The Duplicator will make a copy of Ugin’s Nexus on sacrifice, and Krark Clan Ironworks can generate the mana to pay for the Duplicator trigger by sacrificing Ugin’s Nexus.

Due to this, Ugin’s Nexus is spiking rather aggressively. Selling for $1.08 on average at the end of March, The Nexus has quickly spiked, selling for as much as $6! Because Nexus only has one printing from about a decade ago, any increase in interest is going to cause this card to spike quickly.

Cybermen Squadron

Cybermen Squadron is absolutely absurd in any EDH Artifact Creature decks. Take something like a Contruct created from Urza, Lord High Artificer and attack three players with it instead of one! Because these tokens grow with the number of artifacts you control, they’ll buff one another.

This card happens to go absolutely bonkers with Simulacrum Synthesizer. Myriad will create token copies of your attacking artifact creatures. These, in turn, will each trigger Simulacrum Synthesizer, creating the same Construct tokens that Urza creates. The Scry 2 is, honestly, just an unnecessary bonus.

Thanks in part to this new interaction, Cybermen Squadron has tripled in price since early March. The original variant, worth $4 about a month ago, is now worth $13.

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Lotho, Corrupt Shirrif

Lotho’s price spike is rather unsurprising. This card has been incredibly strong in Commander for quite some time and was generally rather cheap for the impact it was having on games. Effects like this that can trigger on each player’s turn can create a ludicrous amount of value. While four treasure tokens may already be magical fairy Christmas land for this card, Lotho could create even more if a counterspell war occurs on a player’s turn. For that reason, Lotho is best utilized in cEDH, but is good at most levels of Commander.

Lotho, Corrupt Shirriff is spiking across its variants, but the main spike we’re seeing is for the Showcase Scrolls treatment of the card. Worth about $3.25 at the beginning of March, Lotho’s Showcase Scroll treatment is now selling for $9-10 semi-consistently as of yesterday according to TCGplayer sales.

Courts of Wilds of Eldraine

The Court cards from Wilds of Eldraine are a cycle of enchantments that all grant the user Monarch. Otherwise, they have a series of recurring effects that scale in power if you manage to keep your Monarch status to your next upkeep. You can find these cards in Set and Collector Boosters in Wilds of Eldraine. Two of the five cards appear to be spiking somewhat.

Court of Vantress is, perhaps, a slept-on Commander card. Granting Monarchy to the table and threatening to copy a ton of artifacts, this card is strong at any casual Commander table. Of course, this card is stronger when you want to copy your own cards, but Court of Vantress is capable of copying any artifacts or enchantments, which also means it is capable of Committing Crimes.

Court of Vantress was only worth $3.58 ten(ish) days ago. Now, the card is selling for $20 semi-consistently, but is also selling for a range of cheaper prices. The card isn’t really seeing any competitive play, so this price spike is likely entirely related to Commander.

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Court of Embereth is also seeing a price spike. This Court is capable of creating Knight tokens and converting your wide board into direct damage if you have the Monarch effect. Considering that Caesar, Legion’s Emperor is also capable of this, doubling up that effect in the Hail Caesar EDH deck is an interesting thing.

The big reason why both of these Courts appear to be moving up in price is a new Commander appearing in Outlaws of Thunder Junction. These trigger on your Upkeep, and Obeka, Splitter of Seconds can make those trigger multiple times. The amount of value this can generate is absolutely absurd, especially if you’re able to retain your Monarch status.

In terms of price, Court of Embereth has increased from $4.45 and is currently floating around $9-10 in terms of successfully sold copies.

Thunder Junction is Just Beginning

All of the Thunder Junction related price spikes discussed today are largely speculation based. Once cards are in players’ hands, things will start moving very quickly. If cards like Vein Ripper and Leyline of the Guildpact appear in competitive formats like they did in Murders at Karlov Manor, we’ll have some much bigger price spikes to discuss in the future.

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