29, Mar, 21

Was The New Crux Of Fate Art Stolen?

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The drama around Strixhaven art just keeps on coming, although this one seems a bit more severe.
Article at a Glance

Magic: The Gathering art has changed a lot over the years, and everyone has their favorite era whether that’s the new stuff or the old stuff or the middle stuff.

No matter what you like personally, it’s been very hard to ignore some of the artwork around Strixhaven spoilers.

For starters, the new Faithless Looting (a card we miss in Modern) art has garnered a fairly large reaction, but it seems that that’s not the only bit of art drama we’re going to have with this set.

In fact, the new Crux of Fate art for the Mystical Archive may have been stolen.

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Is the new Crux of Fate artwork stolen?

This whole thing has been revealed because a Twitter user called @omgscraypet posted a video:

The video explains they discovered this because someone commented on their Deviant Art upload to say that the artwork appeared on the new Crux of Fate card, and congratulated the artist on the accomplishment.

The only issue, is that they didn’t know this, so what seems to have happened is that the artist who did the card has traced the original image, moved the arms slightly, and altered the body to avoid a watermark.

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How did this happen?

While we’re waiting to hear what WotC have to say about this whole thing, it’s not a good look for the company.

Controversial artwork like the Flooting one is one thing, and everyone is entitled to an opinion on artwork, though you don’t have to be needlessly aggressive about it.

However, something like stolen artwork, if that is indeed the case as Scary Pet says, is completely reprehensible.

We’ll keep you updated with any more information on this as it comes up.

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