22, Sep, 21

Countdown to Midnight Hunt Financial Set Review: Teferi & More!

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This is our Part 3 guide for everything Innistrad: Midnight Hunt finance related. Some cards are worth buying now! But some may not live up to their hype.
Article at a Glance

As we near the official release of Midnight Hunt, card prices on the secondary market are seeing big shifts. This is natural when buying cards in the preorder window before a set actually drops. Generally speaking, initial preorder prices are severely inflated from hype and trend downwards as we near the official release.

This has been the case with Midnight Hunt, but now that we are only a few days away from release, card prices are settling to more realistic price points. Some cards have room to fall lower in price, while others could start seeing upward trends.

This is Part 3 of MTG Rocks’ Financial Set review of Innistrad: Midnight Hunt. Each day leading up to Midnight Hunt‘s official release, MTG Rocks will be releasing financial set reviews covering some of the most anticipated cards from our first Innistrad set of the year. There will be traps (cards that are overpriced and will sink in value), as well as sleeper hits (undervalued cards that have the potential for financial growth).

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Teferi, Who Slows the Sunset

“He’s not as good as Teferi, Hero of Dominaria or Teferi, Time Raveler.” I think that’s a lot of players’ reactions when they look at Teferi, Who Slows the Sunset. And to that, I say thank goodness! Those previous iterations of Teferi were format-warping good.

Looking at early Standard 2022 decklists, the new Teferi has yet to really find a home. His +1 ability seems like it wants to be played in some kind of tempo deck or possibly a ramp deck as it is reminiscent of Kiora, Master of the Depths. But there’s not much support for either of those options to fully utilize Teferi in Standard at the moment. His viability in Standard, and price for that matter, will be somewhat dependent on what comes in future sets.

Where Teferi does stand out, is in Commander, particularly alongside The Chained Veil. If Teferi can manage to untap four mana’s worth of cards with his +1 ability, then together with The Chained Veil, you will gain infinite life and infinite loyalty counters on Teferi. If you can untap five mana’s worth of cards, this will also result in infinite mana. This two-card combo alone will hold up Teferi’s price.

Last week, Teferi, Who Slows the Sun was preordering for around $25.00. He has since come down in price and is sitting at about $16.00 for the regular art version and $18.00 for the alternate art. These prices are a lot more reasonable. Once Midnight Hunt is officially released and a lot more copies of Teferi hit the market, it is possible his price will marginally drop. But because of his powerful Commander combo, I can see it easily holding prices around $12.00-$15.00 and would say it’s good to pick up some copies now.

Champion of the Perished

The question here is, “If Champion of the Parish is good enough to see play in older formats, will Champion of the Perished follow suit?” I think yes.

Zombies have had so much support from throughout Magic’s history that can lend their rotten, decaying limbs to bolster Champion of the Perished. The Champion can easily grow to massive power levels by casting Gravecrawler, sacrificing it to Carrion Feeder, and recasting Gravecrawler. From there, just rinse and repeat until Champion of the Perished is threatening lethal damage all by itself.

Champion of the Perished also has legs in Standard 2022. It is already popping up in Orzhav (black-white) zombie decks. And remember, we’ll almost certainly be getting more zombie support in Innistrad: Crimson Vow.

The zombie champion was seeing initial preorder prices of around $10.00. It has since settled to the $5.00 range, which I think is a great price point to pick up a playset of this card.

Memory Deluge

If there’s one card to make control a viable strategy in Standard 2022, I’d say it’s Memory Deluge. Throughout Standard’s history, we’ve seen tons of four-mana draw-spells that alongside counterspells, form the backbone of control decks. Recently we had Thassa’s Intervention, and before that, there was Chemister’s Insight, and the list goes on.

Memory Deluge is on a different power level. It may not have the versatility that Thassa’s Intervention did, which could allow you to counter or draw cards, but Memory Deluge has flashback. Being able to cast this spell twice can let you seriously dig through your library. Speaking of “digging through”, the flashback of Memory Deluge is a fully costed Dig Through Time, one of the best draw spells of all time.

It’s possible that Memory Deluge will see some Commander play, but for the most part, its price will depend on its play in the Standard format. Current preorder prices for the standard frame Memory Deluge are about $3.00. At that price, I know I’ll be picking up my copies ASAP.

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