19, Oct, 21

Cassius Marsh Talks MTG and Upcoming Rare Box Break Event!

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In the past few months, we’ve seen more and more high profile stars show their love of Magic: the Gathering. From Hunter Pence, to Post Malone, to Joe Manganiello, there’s a lot of love of the game going around. Today, I got to speak with someone who has been at the forefront of this movement, Cassius Marsh! Cassius is hosting a huge event at his store, Cash Cards Unlimited over the weekend and I got to sit down and talk with him about the event and some other Magic: the Gathering topics!

The event is called Relics Revisited, and is being held October 22nd and 23rd. This event is a box break of Revised, which is a really big thing. Patrons were able to purchase a pack from the box to be opened, as well as entry to their VIP Commander Party at the store, where some high profile MTG influencers will be in attendance!

Cash Cards Unlimited

Some of those VIPs include Post Malone, Josh Lee Kwai and Jimmy Wong from Game Knights, Michael and Joe from I Hate Your Deck, and The Professor of Tolarian Community College! Cassius mentioned that there would be other MTG influencers there such as Lua Stardust and Talia Vess.

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Cassius really wanted to do this event because he wanted to make a community event where he could crack open a rare box of Magic cards, and have a good time. While Cash Cards Unlimited has some really high end cards, Cassius wants to make sure that anyone who walks into his store has a 5 star customer experience, akin to a high end designer clothing store.

Where to Find Out More?

Cash Cards Unlimited runs box breaks all the time, and sell slots for them on their website. The event this weekend will be streamed over on the Relics Revisited Youtube Channel, as well as the shop’s Instagram and Discord! During the Live Stream, Cash Cards Unlimited, as well as StockX and Troll and Toad will be doing giveaways, so be sure to tune in!

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