anguished unmaking
4, Aug, 22

Players Frustrated Over Seemingly Widespread MTG Product Issue

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Article at a Glance

As players continue to open the sought-after Double Masters 2022 Collector Booster boxes, more and more problems seem to arise. There’s an issue with scammers trying to dupe buyers with a similar but much cheaper product. Even though these boxes are available at an incredible price, additional problems keep getting discovered. This issue is that one of the premium slots offered in these $88 dollar packs is consistently providing one card, which is not very sought after. Depending on how common this MTG box error is, the implications could be devastating.

Anguished Wallets

anguished unmaking

Reports from various MTG players seem to confirm a flood of Etched Foil Anguished Unmaking in Double Masters 2022 Collector Booster product. A Reddit post in MTG Finance claims that 90% of the second wave Double Masters 2022 Collector Booster product has this issue. Not only is this card not sought after, but the constant copies of these flooding the market has caused this card’s market price to plummet, with signs that it’s not even close to hitting its bottom price. While one faulty slot isn’t a massive issue in the grand scheme, as provided in comments to the attached Reddit post, many MTG players are frustrated that this error is showing up in a higher ticket item. When considering the price tag of $88 per Collector Booster, player frustration relates more to one of the valuable slots in the pack having a higher chance of providing a card with little secondary market value.

A particular tweet suggests that this issue may have been lurking since the Collector Booster’s initial release. Twitter user GriftoTCG showcases seven Etched Foil Anguished Unmakings. Of the eight packs they purchased through their two Double Masters 2022 Collector Booster boxes, seven reportedly were affected by this error.

Angry players are taking to Youtube showcasing this issue. Multiple claims have been uploaded to the video sharing site, with MTG Youtuber Cracking Packs MTG being the leading voice behind the “90% of second wave product” statement. Some MTG Reddit players are happy about this error, stating that now is the time to get some dirt cheap premium Anguished Unmakings.

Contact Wizards of the Coast

If you are one of the many unlucky individuals affected by this error, submit a ticket to Wizards of the Coast help. The original Double Masters expansion also had a mistake with their premium packs. These were called VIP Boosters. These Boosters promised a Rare and a Mythic Full-art Foil card in each pack. Unfortunately, the first wave of these boosters had packs with two Rares instead. If you submitted a ticket to Wizards with proof of purchase, they would mail you a free Double Masters Draft pack as compensation. As pointed out by Twitter user Jake Browne, there are other instances of Wizards offering replacements for confirmed errors of this nature.

This Looks Pretty Common

We’re unsure how much proof you’ll need to ensure that your etched Anguished Unmaking is part of an error box. This seems common enough that every copy of an Etched Anguished Unmaking may be a merit for an error. In the long run, this card’s price will depend heavily on how bad this error is. Should it be as widespread as it currently looks, it will take Anguished Unmaking being meta in a non-rotating format for it to recover.

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