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1, Aug, 22

Amazon is Selling Double Masters 2022 for Cheap!

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Article at a Glance

Good news! For those interested in picking up some Double Masters 2022 Collector Boosters, Amazon is selling them for cheap! Whether you’re trying to bling up your EDH deck or chase after the illustrious Textured Foil cards, this may be one of the best opportunities to snatch up some of these before the price skyrockets! These prices won’t stick around long, and while we don’t expect to see another gigantic spike for this product shortly, this is a great deal (it will very likely tick up in the far future). When looking for the cheaper price, make sure to check alternate prices on Amazon, as the first price that pops up may not be the cheapest.

Price Averages

double masters 2022 collector booster display

For those interested in picking up a Double Masters 2022 Collector Booster Box, Amazon is currently selling them for about $275! This is $35 cheaper than TCGplayer’s median price and $25-35 cheaper than the box’s average sale at $300-310. If you have some Amazon Gift cards that you’re looking to use, this is an excellent opportunity to save. If you find a higher price on Amazon, check all of the ‘new’ prices before dismissing that the low price is gone.

Just a few weeks ago, these boxes looked like they would skyrocket in price. Costs were constantly increasing daily, and sales were not slowing down regardless of the cost. If the pattern kept, these boxes could have gone over $400 in just a few weeks. While that did not happen, sealed MTG product generally has a skyrocketing point after it goes out of print.

A year or two from now, these are likely to eclipse $400. Look at the past Double Master’s sealed product prices as an example. This set was released on August 7, 2020. According to mtggoldfish‘s price history, these boxes were only worth about $100 a few months after their original release. While I don’t ever recall them being that cheap, the first price jump happened at the beginning of March 2021 to about $350. fast forward to now, and those boxes are going for $600! With the two-year mark only about a week away, these boxes have seen a massive price increase! This is typical for sealed MTG products. If you have the willpower to buy a Collector’s box of Double Masters 2022 and sit on it for a year or two, you will likely see some incredible returns!

Price Patterns

double masters draft box

Even though the trend behind the price spike buckled sooner than expected, the overall price on the Double Masters 2022 Collector Booster box still saw a significant spike throughout early July. Between the fifth and the tenth, market averages, according to TCGplayer, for the product was about $265. fast forward to August first, and market averages have stabilized at around $310, with signs of moving down to $305. This is still a $40 increase over a month, with the highest pricing between these periods being $325 (with boxes selling for even more).

Whether the price will fall slightly or not, Amazon’s price tag is close to the pre-spike price of $265. Things will likely slow down a bit for this box in the next little while (unless another frenzy occurs), but if these trends match this set’s previous iteration, we will look at another spike in about six months. Things aren’t likely to be the exact same, but price spikes like this for sets going out of print are widespread. If anything, I would not expect a 300% increase like what was seen in the original Double Masters product since, if prices are accurate, that product was highly undervalued. Most financial experts are also claiming that this product is undervalued, but it’s not difficult to construe that the differences in the amount each product is being undervalued are significant.

This Deal Won’t Stick Around

Amazon coming out with flash deals like this isn’t incredibly uncommon. What is expected is that these deals don’t stick around for long. Once players flock to their page and take advantage of the low price, the price may likely be readjusted to meet accordingly with demand. Masters sets don’t typically get a reprinting, so this phase of lower prices is a ticking time bomb. Once that bomb goes off, and supply reaches its limit, prices should skyrocket. When will that happen? If previous trends hold true, under a year. Of course, Wizards could always reprint this set, but that move would be somewhat atypical to past market trends. Find a coupon, get your gift cards out, and get an excellent deal on MTG’s most premium product to date!

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