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19, Feb, 21

Boom! Studios is Teasing a Magic: The Gathering Surprise

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What is Boom! Studios’ MTG surprise?

Boom Studios’ retail sales lead Morgan Perry recently dropped a tease for the upcoming line of Magic: The Gathering comic books during their presentation at ComicsPRO.

Announced last month, Boom Studios’ ongoing series called Magic, is an ongoing series by Black Cat writer Jed JacKay and Ghost Spider artist Ig Guara, and it will be set in the planes of Ravnica and Zendikar. The new series will kick of with attempted assassinations of three Guildmasters of Ravnica – Kaya, Ral Zarek, and Vraska. The three rivals will have to set aside their differences and travel to the world of Zendikar, building towards a confrontation with a “major” MTG character. 

Boom Studios

Magic will be the first comic book project announced for BOOM! Studios as they took over the MTG comics license from IDW Publishing, which published various MTG comics miniseries between 2011 and 2018. 

As Bleeding Cool reports, Boom! is now teasing that they will be sending retailers a secret Magic surprise on March 10, 2021, ahead of the FOC for Magic #1, that is sure to “spark” retailers to order with confidence.

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Magic #1 will feature cover art by Matteo Scalera (Black Science), with multiple variant covers illustrated by Guara, InHyuk Lee (Miles Morales: Spider-Man) and Junggeun Yoon (Seven Secrets) featuring iconic Magic: The Gathering characters. 

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