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Bizarre Coin-Flipping Counterspell Highlights New MH3 Leaks and Spoilers!

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Modern Horizons 3’s release is coming up on us awfully fast. Over the course of the last week, a ton of intriguing and powerful spoilers were officially revealed. From strong reprints set to make their Modern debuts to elite utility Lands that can take over games, this set is chock full of awesome cards.

Today, we have even more neat MH3 cards to discuss, including a wild Counterspell variant that utilizes the coin-flipping mechanic. Of note, while some of these cards were officially previewed, others were simply leaked. As such, those cards could turn out to be fake.

We will make sure to highlight which cards are official, but for the sake of this article, we will be assessing all cards under the assumption that they are indeed real. If you’d like to wait for official reveals, consider this your spoiler warning. With that out of the way, let’s take a closer look at what our next round of MH3 cards has to offer.

Invert Polarity

Invert Polarity

First, we have an exciting card previewed by Skulk, the Skulking. As you might expect from a card that involves flipping coins, Invert Polarity can range from mediocre to game-breaking depending on the situation. At minimum, Invert Polarity will function like a Cancel for Izzet decks. Cancel isn’t awful, but it’s certainly too inefficient for a format like Modern.

However, Invert Polarity has massive upside if you’re able to win the coin flip. Countering a bomb like The One Ring or Primeval Titan is nice, but gaining control of it may spell doom for the opponent. Not only did your opponent waste their mana in these scenarios, but you now get to untap with their top-end permanent under your control.

Invert Polarity will almost certainly be a staple for Izzet Commander decks across the board. Whether it will actually meet the bar for Constructed play awaits to be seen. Some players are confident the card isn’t good enough for Modern, while others believe it will be a powerful addition to the format. We’ve seen high variance cards see play in Modern before (take Burning Inquiry in Hollow One shells, for example), but many of them fall short. We will just have to wait and see how it performs.

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Monumental Henge

Monumental Henge

Next, we have a Land previewed by Magic: The Gathering JP in the form of Monumental Henge. Monumental Henge was not originally revealed in English, but through translation, we have a good sense of what the card does:

Monumental Henge enters the battlefield tapped unless you control a Plains.

{T}: Add {W}

{2}{W}{W}, {T} : Look at the top five cards of your library. You may reveal a historic card from among them and put it into your hand. Put the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order.

Monumental Henge appears to be the white variant from the cycle of MH3 “Checklands” with unique activated abilities. Recently we talked about how immensely powerful Shifting Woodland is, and while Monumental Henge isn’t quite as exciting, it does have some potential.

In control decks with enough Historic cards present, Monumental Henge provides great flood protection. Castle Vantress fills a similar role in Pioneer, but Monumental Henge has the ability to actually generate card advantage.

Currently, Azorius control decks in Modern utilize The One Ring, Narset, Parter of Veils, Teferi, Time Raveler, and a few one-of Lands like Minamo, School at Water’s Edge as Historic cards. As such, there aren’t a ton of hits, but Henge digs pretty deep with each activation. Of course, in more dedicated Historic-themed Commander decks, Monumental Henge is a slam dunk. Getting to use your Land drop to dig for your strongest cards is a great option to have, and Henge delivers.

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Party Thrasher

Party Thrasher

Party Thrasher is our first leak that was found via Whatnot. It’s a bit of a narrow card, but it has some notable synergies with some neat red legends. There are multiple Commanders that benefit whenever you discard cards or play cards from exile, and Party Thrasher works well alongside all of them.

Likely the best Commanders to pair with Party Thrasher are Prosper, Tome Bound and Pia Nalaar, Consul of Revival. In a Prosper shell, Party Thrasher puts even more cards into exile for you to play and generate Treasures in conjunction with Prosper. If you have a wide board, Party Thrasher can also greatly reduce the cost of spells you cast from exile. In the case of Pia, Party Thrasher makes it easy to start flooding the board with 1/1 tokens. From there, those 1/1 tokens can be used to Convoke out large spells from exile.

As for legends that benefit from Party Thrasher discarding cards, Inti, Seneschal of the Sun immediately comes to mind. When you discard cards to Party Thrasher, you get to exile extra cards thanks to Inti. Once again, Party Thrasher can help pay for non-Creature spells you exile, making it more likely you get your money’s worth from Inti. Ultimately, Party Thrasher seems more like a Commander card than a Modern card, but it’s still a sweet inclusion, nonetheless.

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Consign to Memory

Consign to Memory

Finally, we wanted to show off a leaked, sweet piece of counter magic. Consign to Memory is a strange hybrid between Stifle and Ceremonious Rejection. Ceremonious Rejection has seen play in the past as a way to combat decks like Tron that focus mostly on colorless spells. However, the card’s narrow applications often led to the card getting cut from sideboards. Consign to Memory solves this problem.

Consign to Memory is definitely not Stifle. Not being able to counter activated abilities means you can’t mess with opposing Fetchlands. Consign to Memory is much tamer as a result but can still come in handy. Getting to counter the enters-the-battlefield effect from Solitude for only one mana, for example, can be quite useful.

With this in mind, Consign to Memory has strong uses outside of matchups like Tron and Affinity. Against control, Consign to Memory counters The One Ring straight up while also messing with triggered abilities from Solitude and Leyline Binding. Against Esper Goryo’s Vengeance shells, countering the triggered ability of Atraxa, Grand Unifier can be important. When facing Domain Zoo, Consign to Memory can counter Scion of Draco or mess with Binding or Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer.

Consign can even be Replicated in a pinch. This can come up when a Creature entering play causes multiple abilities to trigger. Replicate may come up against Tron if the opponent casts a haymaker with Sanctum of Ugin in play, too. Consign, along with the other cards we showcased today, seems like a really cool design. Once Mh3 releases, we can’t wait to see how Modern’s metagame unfolds.

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