Cyclonic Rift
24, May, 24

Modern Horizons 3 Leak Reveals Free Cyclonic Rift Effect!

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Each format has its iconic cards that cement themselves as identities. Even if the cards may not quite line up power-level wise with the rest of the format, they’ve become so integral in what the format represents that removing them just feels… wrong.

In Pioneer, Dig Through Time and Treasure Cruise are good examples of this. Even though many MTG players are pushing for the ban of Treasure Cruise thanks to Izzet Phoenix’s consistency, the card still exists because it allows Pioneer to retain a unique identity from older formats.

Sol Ring in Commander is yet another example. This is an absurdly powerful card at most tables that constantly creates unbalanced games, but Sol Ring is so integral to Commander’s identity that a true ban of it seems impossible.

Another Commander super staple that everyone should know by name is Cyclonic Rift. While perhaps not being as banworthy as Sol Ring, Cyclonic Rift is an incredibly powerful effect in Commander.

Modern Horizons 3 appears to be printing a new effect that replicates Cyclonic Rift’s controversial Overload effect. Not only this, but instead of paying mana for it, all you need to do is have it in your grave when you cast a colorless spell with mana value seven or greater! This was leaked unofficially, so consider this your spoiler warning, but the card looks very authentic, and players are terrified.

Ugin’s Binding

Unofficially leaked over on Reddit, Ugin’s Binding is a three mana Devoid spell in blue that, basically, does exactly what Cyclonic Rift does. When being cast for three mana, this returns a nonland permanent you don’t control to its owner’s hand. When you cast a colorless spell with mana value seven or greater, this can be exiled from your graveyard for the Overloaded Cyclonic Rift effect.

As many have pointed out, this is the blue variant of the card Kozilek’s Return and could suggest a new multi-set cycle in the works.

Cyclonic Rift is already problematic in Commander to the point of being somewhat controversial. While you do need to include spells in your deck to trigger Ugin’s Binding, the build-around is definitely worth it. Not only do you gain access to one of the most powerful effects in all of Commander, but you also get a massive haymaker of a spell on your board while all of your opponents need to rebuild. This should allow you to gain a ton of ground, taking over the game before your opponents can recover.

Needless to say, players expect Ugin’s Binding to be an all-star in Commander. Comments are littered with statements like “this is absurd“, and “What were they thinking?“.

Since this triggers on cast of a colorless spell with mana value seven or greater, you can’t even counter this easily. Ugin’s Binding’s stronger effect will slip by cards like Counterspell, and will only be counterable by Stifle effects. The best defense against Ugin’s Binding for Commander players is likely to exile it out of the graveyard before it goes off. Being able to resolve through most of Commander’s interactions just makes this card even more powerful.

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Ugin’s Binding in Constructed?

Outside of Commander, Ugin’s Binding could have some potential in Constructed formats. This card fits right into Mono Blue Tron like a glove. Combine that with other incentives to play Madness effects in Modern Horizons 3, namely Emrakul, the World Anew, and there’s a very real world where you discard Ugin’s Binding, assemble Tron, and cast your haymaker while resetting your opponent’s board. The three mana effect is admittedly quite clunky for the Modern format, but Madness may end up being the way this archetype wants to go anyway.

Outside of Mono Blue Tron, Ugin’s Binding could potentially see some Affinity play. This would likely be a sideboard option, but Affinity commonly runs blue and will have access to massive seven mana colorless spells with Affinity for Artifacts.

The synergies, once again, go a step further here. Not only will these massive seven mana colorless haymakers trigger Ugin’s Binding, but they enable Ugin’s Labyrinth, the new Sol land variant coming to Modern. This allows a disgusting play pattern where you put your seven mana spell under the Labyrinth, assemble a board of artifacts, use the Labyrinth’s effect to get it back, and proceed to wipe your opponent’s board for free.

Past Modern, Ugin’s Binding is likely too slow. This requires too much setup to see play in formats like Legacy and Vintage, and casting Ugin’s Binding raw is hilariously underpowered.

Commander’s Newest Staple

While Ugin’s Binding hasn’t been confirmed for sure, it certainly looks real, and incredibly powerful. If you’re a Commander player who can reasonably access the card’s activated ability, prepare to pick this up. If this is even reasonably priced at release, I would jump on these quickly.

Ugin’s Binding may not end up doing anything in constructed, but a card that functions identically to a Commander super staple, while somehow offering even more advantage, is going to get a lot of attention. This is going to be one of the most popular cards of the set if it ends up being real.

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