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Best Starter Commanders - Sisay, Weatherlight Captain

Don't even bother choosing one commander. Instead, play with every legendary creature you own with Sisay.
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Commander is a format absolutely filled to the brim with incredible cards. In fact, that choice can often make building a deck almost stressful, because you’re expected to choose a legendary creature and then just build around them and whatever they do.

What are you meant to do if you can’t pick though? Well, what if we had a commander you could choose that doesn’t limit you? What if, instead, we focused on the idea of just having a lot of awesome legendary cards, and did away with synergies beyond that? Well, that’s definitely a thing you can do, and Sisay, Weatherlight Captain is the best card for the job.

Meet Your Commander

Sisay, Weatherlight Captain is a three-mana White 2/2 that gets +1/+1 for each color among other legendary permanents you control. Now, that would be rubbish as a commander where it not for the fact that they also have an ability that costs one mana of each color, because that means they can head up a five-color deck

The ability they have reads, “Search your library for a legendary permanent card with mana value less than Sisay’s power, put that card onto the battlefield, then shuffle.” In essence, you can pay five mana to find a legendary card in your deck and put it into play for free. It means you can respond to whatever problems you have with ease, and it also means there are three main things you need to build a good deck here.

We need good legendary cards to find from the deck. We need cards that’ll protect them and support the legendary theme. And finally, we need ways to give Sisay a stronger power ideally, because that’ll let us fetch up more expensive permanents.

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Best legendary cards

Honestly, you should just put whatever legendary permanents you own into this deck. It’s a great way to use up old commanders or cards you like but can’t find a home for. However, in terms of what you genuinely need to have in the deck, we do have suggestions. Shalai, Voice of Plenty will give all of you, your other creatures, and planeswalkers you control hexproof. You can also use Marchesa, the Black Rose as pseudo-protection as they allow you to make you creatures stronger, and also put them back in your hand if they die.

You can use the mighty Najeela, the Blade-Blossom in the deck to give yourself extra combat steps, life, and just generally kill off foes with disturbingly high consistency. They don’t specify Warriors with their ability, so there’s a powerhouse in any five-color deck.

Outside of that, Kenrith, the Returned King is another excellent five-color legendary that has an array of abilities to sink your mana into. You’ve also got Esika, God of the Tree, who allows you to tap you legendary creatures for mana, or you can cast them as The Prismatic Bridge, and then get to cast even more things for free. Also, planeswalkers are legendary. Don’t forget that.

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Best legendary support cards

For support here, we really like Raff Capashen, Ship’s Mage, who allows you to cast your legendary spells as if they had flash, which is lovely. Bard Class is also very potent as it reduces the cost of some legendary cards, lets you exile and play extra cards, and even gives you legendaries +1/+1 counters too.

Kethis, the Hidden Hand is a creature that makes your legendary spells cost one less mana, and even allows you to cast your legendary spells from the graveyard too. Of course, if they never die that’s not an issue, so we really like Avacyn’s Memorial here to give all of your legendary permanents indestructible.

You’ve then got Urza’s Ruinous Blast that exiles all non-legendary permanents, which is huge. Finally, in the event everything’s gone horribly wrong, you can simply cast Primevals’ Glorious Rebirth to bring back all legendary permanent cards from your graveyard to the battlefield.

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Best ways to make Sisay stronger

Our favorite here is Heroes’ Podium. This is a five-mana artifact that gives each legendary creature you control +1/+1 for each other legendary creature you control. It also has another ability, but who cares? That first ability is more than enough to make it essential in this deck.

Blackblade Reforged is an equipment card that gives the equipped creature +1/+1 for each land you control, and it only costs three mana to put it in the hands of a legendary creature too. This, again, is very potent. There’s also the mighty Avrad the Cursed, which is a five-mana legendary creature that gives other legendary creatures you control +2/+2.

Everything else you put in the deck is up to you. Having ways to untap permanents is useful, but you can adjust the rest of the deck according the power level you’re building towards.

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