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Best Starter Commanders - Lathril, Blade Of The Elves

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Elves are really silly in Commander, so it's probably a good time to have you mess around with Lathril.
Article at a Glance

There are just so many potential commanders to choose from. How on Earth are you meant to pick one and stick with it? Well, that’s actually kind of the point of these articles, as you’ll likely know if this isn’t your first time here.

We’re going to do a deep dive on a fun commander that is well suited to newer players thanks to their power and price. Today we’re diving into one of the most popular tribes in MTG, Elves. That means it’s also time to talk about Lathril, Blade of the Elves.

Meet your commander

Lathril, Blade of the Elves is a four-mana black and green 2/3 with menace. They have two abilities outside of that, the first one is “Whenever Lathril, Blade of the Elves deals combat damage to a player, create that many 1/1 green Elf Warrior creature tokens.” That’s pretty cool, right?

The second one plays into that nicely, as it allows you to tap Lathril and ten other untapped Elves you control to have every opponent lose ten life, and have you gain ten life. Both of these are very potent abilities, and it doesn’t take a huge amount of work for us to understand how to get the best out of dear Lathril here.

The main things we need to do are make sure we can create a lot of Elves with ease, buff up Lathril to create tokens along those lines, and try to untap our stuff to get multiple uses out of Lathril. So, that’s what we’re going to try and do.

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The best Elf generators

Now then, a lot of the Elves we’re aiming to generate here are going to be tokens. That means that having Doubling Season or Parallel Lives, or both, is going to be great. They’re both really expensive though, so it might be simpler to look towards the one-off effect of Second Harvest instead. But hey, if you’ve got money, feel free to go for it.

There are two good planeswalkers for this deck too. Well, more than two, but the two we want to talk about are Freyalise, Llanowar’s Fury, and Tyvar Kell, both of whom can spit out tokens among other things. The other things are good, we’re just all about tokens at the moment. We really like both Wolverine Riders and Lys Alana Huntmaster here too, as both spit out tokens regularly.

Once you’ve got all of those tokens, you can make even more with both Elvish Promenade and Elven Ambush, both of which essentially doubles the number of Elves you have out at the time. Then you can finish it off by casting Kindred Summons, which allows you to double the number again, but this time with real cards, not just tokens. Whew. So, that’s the token side of things, onto the support side.

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The best support cards

So, first up let’s just list some Elf lords. All of these are good, just get them all. Marwyn, the Nurturer, Dwynen, Gilt-Lead Daen, Elvish Archdruid, Elvish Champion, Elvish Clancaller, Imperious Perfect, Canopy Tactician, and Joraga Warcaller. There are probably others too, it’s a very silly tribe. All of these mean more Elves and stronger ones too, so they’re great choices.

The other thing we need now is ways to untap our permanents, but specifically Lathril. For untapping everything, we very much like Curse of Bounty, because we also get to attack people, and Seedborn Muse, because of course.

In terms of specifics, Saryth, the Viper’s Fang is an excellent new card that gives everything hexproof or deathtouch, and you can untap a creature or land you control using them. The other easy choice is Wirewood Symbiote, which is an Elf classic card that’ll let you do this multiple times. So, yeah, this deck seems really silly. Get on it.

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