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Spice Up Your MTG Group With Random Decks

You can embrace the rules of chance to bring a new kind of game to your group.
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If you’ve been playing MTG with the same group of people for a long time, it’s only natural that you’re going to have moments where you all sort of lose interest. That’s not your fault either, you can build new decks to keep things fresh, but sometimes you need a bit of outside help to keep things fun.

There’s no shame in that either. Everyone has moments where they need a bit of guidance, a bit of a spark to reignite the feelings you had as young planeswalkers. Times have been stressful recently, and playing MTG became even more of a luxury for a lot of people. Thankfully for you, we’ve got just the thing to bring into your card room.

Embrace chaos

So, here’s the deal, you’re all going to build a deck around the same card. While you can choose this card yourselves, we recommend embracing the age-old laws of entropy instead. Alright, we’re not actually going to use entropy, we’re going to use the random card feature on Scryfall.

All you need to do is click it once, make sure the card isn’t one that’s too pricey, because the point of this game isn’t to spend a lot of money, and then all get to work. The random card function will spit out one card from the thousands that exist in Magic, and you’re all going to build decks that are centred around it as much as possible.

This can be in whichever format it’s legal in. We generally prefer to go with Commander or Historic Brawl if you’re all on MTG Arena, but you can easily do this in Modern or whichever other format tickles all of your fancies.

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Volatile, but fun

For our example. and basically the inspiration for this whole piece, let’s theorize that you landed on Volatile Claws. This is a three-mana red instant that reads, “Until end of turn, creatures you control get +2/+0 and gain all creature types.”

There are two obvious ways to use this card in a deck. You could focus purely on the fact that it’s a combat trick that hits all of your creatures, and so build a deck that goes wide. That would likely be a Naya tokens deck in Commander, but in other formats, you’ve got a little more flexibility.

The other way would be to focus on the fact that it makes creatures all creature types. In our minds, that means putting this into a five-color lord tribal deck. That means getting every creature that buffs a creature type and putting them in one deck, then including cards like Maskwood Nexus and The World Tree and just laughing at everyone as you win by accident.

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