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Best MTG Thunder Junction Commander Precon Can Generate Treasure with Other Treasures!

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Article at a Glance

Another new Commander set brings us yet another Mardu deck. Certainly the color combination loves tokens, and in the case of Most Wanted, it loves Treasure specifically. Boasting two Commanders that are equally on-theme, a whole slew of generically good Commander staples, and some interesting new cards to top it off, Most Wanted could easily be the best pre-con to get from Outlaws of Thunder Junction. Let’s take a look at why.

Best Olivia to Date?

Olivia, Opulent Outlaw

Four mana for a 3/3 with four abilities and two relevant types is good to start. Olivia, Opulent Outlaw effectively has Haste because her combat damage trigger will easily go off the round she hits play, generating up to three Treasure tokens instantly. With two or three Treasure available after combat, you can play cards like Boros Charm to defend against a board wipe. You can also cast the new Back in Town post wipe to completely recover. Decks that rely on creatures always need at least a nod to the fact that board wipes happen and Most Wanted has got you covered.

If you have nothing else to do with your newfound wealth, you can always use Olivia’s final ability to make your entire board get two +1/+1 counters ensuring rapid victory. While it’s certainly not the best use for Treasure, you may need a little more damage to cross the finish line and at least the ability is there. Overall, Olivia is probably the better choice for your Commander but your other option is equally interesting.

Treasures Become Bodies

Your other option at only three mana is Vihaan, Goldwaker and he is an intriguing option. Giving your entire deck Vigilance and Haste is far from bad. He also allows you to turn your Treasure into 3/3s. Looking through the deck, there are a ton of ways to make Treasure without Olivia. What’s nice is you can attack for damage and because of Vigilance you can sacrifice your Treasure after combat. Getting free damage and still being able to get mana is quite nice. If you happen to get both Vihaan and Olivia out, your Treasure can attack and generate more Treasure. Usually blue is the go to color for artifact animation decks, so it’s interesting to have a completely different take on this ability even if it’s limited to only Treasure.

Finally, just think about this sequence. Turn one Impuslive Pilferer, turn two Deadly Dispute, turn three Vihaan is nine power toughness on turn three while also having two mana up. That’s quite a bit of early pressure for a pre-con and a turn four Olivia would make for a pretty wild sequence.

Don’t Overlook Sleepers

You may be thinking “who cares” when taking a look at Angelic Sell-Sword, but this is a pretty decent card when you consider Vihaan as a Commander. Easily coming down turn four, this Angel enters the battlefield and makes a 1/1 Mercenary token. With Haste from Vihaan, you can start the beat down from the skies and it will be quite easy to draw free cards. Furthermore, it’s an important source of additional token generation that has synergy with the rest of the deck. Many will upgrade this deck with Anointed Procession so finding double purpose token generators is key.

Of course, We Ride at Dawn must also be mentioned for the same reason. This is yet another token creator but also effectively gives you mana at the same time due to Convoke. Finally, it also gives you an additional win condition as your Mercenaries stack damage on your best creature. Both of these cards are very efficient.

Uh, Overgrowth in Black?

Black has a long history with auras that go on lands. Evil Presence was in Alpha and there have been many other cards to follow like Blight and Underworld Connections. The type of card is definitely not that rare, all told. But giving black a mana ramp effect, on an aura, is pretty rare. However, the effect more or less mimics Phyrexian Arena and the restriction on the mana granted is enough to limit the play of this card. It is worth noting that it is two mana to cast a changeling. Discreet Retreat is an interesting card from a design standpoint but not that powerful for four mana.

A Little Recursion Never Hurt

Another card that few would call exciting, Charred Graverobber is a reasonably costed Skeleton Mercenary that gives you recursion for your best Outlaws. With Escape, though, you can continuously recur your Outlaws. Given that the deck can generate a lot of Treasure, you will need mana sinks and the Graverobber performs that function. As a 4/2 when it escapes, Charred Graverobber is not a wimp and will give you either a decent blocker or an attacker with bite. It’s a solid card that the deck appreciates having.

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One-Sided Wipe

This is another card that shows the potential for Vihaan, Angelic Sell-Sword and other cards that might seem a little out of place at first. Vigilance is the keyword that completely activates Dead Before Sunrise as a one sided board wipe. Tokens also go very wide here. Dead is a surprisingly decent card because it can double the damage of a 1/1 token but also be used to clear problem creatures and blockers. This card will likely be underrated, give it some consideration for an outlaw heavy token deck.

Remember that Token Theme

There are plenty of low cost outlaws in Most Wanted. Getting a second bite at the apple with Graywater’s Fixer shows that the deck has multiple lines against wipes. Whether you generate you additional Treasure tokens or overwhelm with ETB effects, the deck has a line. Consider Angrath’s Marauders with Encore and you are multiplying damage eight times. Dealing “five damage” is a pretty easy win condition.

Dire Fleet Ravager is another potential setup for an easy win. Humble Defector can draw you six cards and your opponents will get nothing in return. While there are a fairly high number of legendary creatures within the deck, most of them have ETB abilities you want, so Encore still has some value there. Certainly the Fixer works better with Olivia and Treasure tokens to setup big, game ending combos. Another solid card for the deck.

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Putting the “Meh” in Miscellaneous

Bounty Board is a miss here. Not as a card, it’s “fine.” It has historical game design and interacts with cards like Chevill, Bane of Monsters. But in this deck? It does not really do anything. It’s slow. Furthermore, while the diplomacy angle is nice, giving cards and life to your other opponents is a considerable downside. Furthermore, you have to tap the Board and pay a mana in lieu of getting one for the turn, to get that Bounty counter. Plus it’s only at Sorcery speed, so you cannot even do this as interaction or wait until end of turn. Those big drawbacks should have factored into the design. This mana rock could have been only two mana, not three, by requiring a bounty counter be placed when it’s tapped. Close but no cigar Wizards but please try again, you were close on this one!

Cure All

They don’t make bad Spree cards and Requisition Raid simply does everything you want for as much mana as you have available. It seems like this card will be an easy four mana cast to do three good things. Of course, when you don’t need to pay four mana, it’s still decent at three and even two just to pick off an annoying artifact or enchantment while enjoying a field full of +1/+1 counters. Cheap options are always good.

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But what About the Deputy?

Rounding out removal, Shoot the Sheriff is a relatively no fuss spell. Within the set it may be difficult to find targets, but in Commander at-large, this does destroy most creatures for only two mana.

At Least we get to Commit Crimes

Where Bounty Board failed, Bandit’s Haul clearly succeeds. Doing just about anything is a crime so you will easily get a loot counter here and there. On turns you need the mana, it’s a rock. Other turns you get to draw a card. Simple, effective, minimal hoops to jump through and it has all sorts of synergy with other deck types too whether artifact or counter based. This card will definitely see extended play in many decks and is completely functional here as well.

Most Wanted? Absolutely

This deck has a clear game plan, an easy early game, a fun mid game and then a potentially outrageous end game. You get to use Treasure multiple different ways to win. You want to talk about a crime? You can generate Treasure with Treasure, that’s busted! The land base is perfect and you even get a Command Beacon as an added bonus. With a little bit of modification, you can take this deck to the next level and it has many interesting options that few other pre-cons can boast. If I were to recommend just one of the Outlaws of Thunder Junction pre-cons to purchase, it would definitely be Most Wanted.

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