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The 13 Best Enchantments In Commander

Improve your decks with the best Enchantments in Commander, and spend the rest of your day chilling out.
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The best Enchantments in Commander can be found in any combination of colors, mana values, and effects. The thing that binds them all together is their card type, of course, but also the fact that they’re a huge boon when they’re in play.

Enchantments in Commander are a little different than in most formats, but you’ll often have a lot more mana to play with, and it means you can bring out some of the less competitive Enchantments as a result. It’s fun, you know?

The Best Enchantments in Commander

Before we get into the full list of the best Enchantments in Commander, we’ve got two honorable mentions. First of all, is Guardian Project, which is a four-mana Green Enchantment that lets you draw a card whenever a Creature enters the battlefield as long as it doesn’t share a name with a Creature you control or one in the graveyard. That’s obviously pretty good in Commander.

Our second mention goes to Metallurgic Summonings, which is a five-mana Blue Enchantment that creates an X/X Construct Creature token whenever you cast an Instant or Sorcery, where X is the mana value. You can also pay five mana to exile the card to return all Instants and Sorcery cards to your hand if you control six or more Artifacts. This is a great way of having a board presence without any actual Creatures.

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13 | Aura Shards

Aura Shards

Our first Enchantment is none other than Aura Shards. Aura Shards is a strong three-mana Enchantment that plays really well in a deck full of Creatures. Every time a Creature enters the battlefield, you can destroy an opposing Artifact or Enchantment. This card can answer a ton of problematic Artifacts and Enchantments over the course of the game.

Playing token producers like Avenger of Zendikar can help obliterate an opponent’s supply of mana rocks, powerful Auras, and more. As long as you are in the correct colors and are playing lots of Creatures, this card is a house.

12 | Warstorm Surge

Warstorm Surge

Next, we have Warstorm Surge, which is a six-man Red Enchantment. For this cost, you get a card that turns every Creature you play into some kind of damage spell.

You see, it allows every Creature that enters the battlefield under your control to deal damage equal to its power to any target. This can be useful for clearing away pesky opposing Creatures but is definitely at its best when you just obliterate someone’s life total with it.

11 – Asceticism


Asceticism is a five mana Green Enchantment that is excellent in nearly every Green deck, because it gives you multiple layers of protection for your Creatures.

Along with making sure your Creatures can’t be targeted by spells or abilities your opponents control, it also allows you to pay two mana to regenerate a target Creature. This means that you’re only really vulnerable to board wipes, and even then, you can protect them unless it exiles them.

10 | Thousand-Year Storm

Thousand-Year Storm

We’ve got another excellent inclusion for Instant and Sorcery decks here with Thousand-Year Storm. Thousand-Year Storm is a six mana Blue and Red Enchantment that reads, “Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, copy it for each other instant and sorcery spell you’ve cast before it this turn. You may choose new targets for the copies.”

Basically, if you want to do lots of incredibly silly things with only a small amount of effort, you can absolutely manage that with this card. It’s not storm in the truest sense of the word, but it’s often close enough to make the difference negligible.

9 | Rhythm of the Wild

Rhythm of the Wild

Rhythm of the Wild is a three mana Red and Green Enchantment that makes it so that your Creature spells can’t be countered, which is nice.

It also makes it so that all of your nontoken Creatures have riot, which means that when they enter you can either give them a +1/+1 counter, or you can give them haste. It’s a nice flexible choice for any deck, and if you combine it with Asceticism, you’ve got a lot of protection on your Creatures with very little effort.

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8 | Sunbird’s Invocation

Sunbird’s Invocation

While this is number six on our list of the best Enchantments in Commander, it’s probably number one in our hearts. Sunbird’s Invocation is a six-mana Red enchantment that reads, “Whenever you cast a spell from your hand, reveal the top X cards of your library, where X is that spell’s mana value. You may cast a spell with mana value X or less from among cards revealed this way without paying its mana cost. Put the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order.”

Basically, you get two spells for the price of one, and you get to a fair bit of card selection when doing so, especially if you’re playing some big old cards. It’s just a really strong effect, and we all love getting stuff for free.

7 | Utopia Sprawl / Wild Growth

Utopia Sprawl | Wild Growth

If you’re playing an Enchantress deck and do not have these cards in your deck, we have no idea what you’re doing. Both Utopia Sprawl and Wild Growth are Aura cards that attach to your lands and make them tap for additional mana. As long as you have enchantment synergies, these are a strict upgrade from other popular Commander mana dorks like Birds of Paradise and Llanowar Elves since they do the same thing while triggering your payoffs.

Thanks to Utopia Sprawl getting reprinted on the Enchanted Tales Bonus Sheet, both of these cards are rather cheap to boot! At the time of writing, Utopia Sprawl and Wild Growth only cost 50 cents and 20 cents respectively!

6 | Doubling Season

Doubling Season

Doubling Season is a powerhouse. For five mana you get a Green Enchantment that, well, doubles most of the strategies you’ll likely want to be taking advantage of in Green.

You see, it doubles not only any counters you’d put on a permanent you control, but also the number of tokens you create too. This means that whether your strategy is to go wide or go big, or some version of both, this card has your back.

There are a few other cards in Commander that, essentially, are capable of the same effect as Doubling Season. To prevent these from taking up too many slots on the list, we’ve added their names into this section.

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5 | Black Market Connections

Black Market Connections

Black Market Connections is a multi-purpose enchantment released in the Party Time Commander preconstructed deck that was released alongside Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate. If you’re willing to pay some life, Black Market Connections offers a variety of benefits. These push far past what the traditional Phyrexian Arena is capable of.

For one Life, Black Market Connections can create a Treasure on your Upkeep. For two, you can draw a card. For three, you can create a 3/2 colorless Shapeshifter Changeling. You can activate all three abilities for the cost of seven life. This does stack quickly, even with 40 life, so be cautious.

4 | Mystic Remora

Mystic Remora

Reprinted in Dominaria United, Mystic Remora is one of the best card draw options you have in all of Commander! For just one mana, you get to draw a card each time an opponent casts a noncreature spell unless they pay four mana. This is most effective in early turns where players will not be able to pay the Remora tax.

The downside of the Remora is it has a Cumulative Upkeep cost, which generally means it won’t be sticking around forever. To translate this a bit, your Remora will cost an extra mana to keep around every one of your Upkeeps. This stacks – so the first Upkeep will cost one mana, the second will cost two, the third three, so on and so fourth.

For that reason, the table can play around the Remora somewhat. Players can simply decide not to cast their noncreature spells and wait for you to kill off your Remora. Depending on how much this is hindering their progress, this may not matter since the Remora is essentially doing its job anyway.

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3 | Sylvan Library

Sylvan Library

First up in our top three is Sylvan Library, which is the least annoying of the three. Sylvan Library is a two-mana Green Enchantment that has a lot of complicated text on it. The short version is that you get to look at the top three cards of your library and then draw one or more but drawing most costs you four life.

The long version is this: “At the beginning of your draw step, you may draw two additional cards. If you do, choose two cards in your hand-drawn this turn. For each of those cards, pay 4 life or put the card on top of your library.” Anyway, we love card advantage because it’s kind of the best.

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2 | Smothering Tithe

Smothering Tithe

Smothering Tithe is an excellent and incredibly annoying card. For four White mana, you make it so that whenever an opponent draws a card, they have to pay two mana or you get to create a Treasure token.

This is a great way to make yourself a target by annoying everyone every turn by asking if they’re going to pay two mana, but it also gives you more mana than is reasonable in a very short space of time. This card is still good in a one-on-one, but it’s utterly absurd in a group game.

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1 | Rhystic Study

Rhystic Study

Our final pick for the best Enchantments in Commander is Rhystic Study, which is a three mana Blue Enchantment. Rhystic Study feels a bit like Smothering Tithe, but instead of triggering when someone draws a card and giving you mana, it triggers on spell casting and gives you cards.

It only costs one to avoid Rhystic Study’s effect, but the sheer sadism of getting to ask someone if they want to pay one mana to avoid you drawing a card EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY CAST A SPELL, is something that never gets old for even a second. The effect is good in the game, but the sheer psychological weight of this card is hard to beat.

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