18, Feb, 22

Beloved Magic Pro Player Nominated to Key Role in Hasbro Investment Group

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Article at a Glance

Over the past few years, Magic: the Gathering has been growing like crazy. There’s been a record number of products produced by Wizards of the Coast, and record sales to back it up. But there are some concerns among the community are that WotC is often times slow to enact community feedback, often times feeling like it doesn’t go heard. Also, because of WotC being under Hasbro, the focus of the decisions made around the game and Magic Arena are with the bottom line in mind and nothing else.

Free the Wizards

Well, it seems that there’s a group looking to change all of that. Jon Finkel, one of Magic‘s most beloved pro players, was nominated by the Alta Fox Investment Group to the board for Hasbro, in a new campaign the group calls “Free the Wizards“. Alta Fox does have investment stake in Hasbro already, and holds a fair amount of stake in the company as is.

One of the key aspects of this movement is to help Wizards of the Coast correct some of the issues that they’re having. By putting someone with the Player’s voice on the Board of Hasbro, they aim to try and hold Wizards accountable for their decisions, and to help shape the decisions for the benefit of the players.

Their Ideas

There’s a few categories that the group is primarily going to be working on, but is also taking community feedback into account as well. These include Digital (Magic Arena) and Competitive Magic improvements. On digital, they have a bit more details lined out for things they want to tackle. A few of these details include tackling the economy with subscription based models, possibly similar to card rental services on MTGO, Multiplayer functionality, social and community features and more.

These all do sound like great ideas. We’ll have to ultimately see how things pan out, but hopefully this will mean some sizable changes for Magic Arena and support for Competitive Magic in the relatively near future.

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What are your thoughts on this? There’s a lot to understand with this, so definitely check the website out. If you have any ideas or feedback to share with the group and Jon, the website has a form that you can fill out to send that in as well.

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