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11 MTG Arena Cards Suspended in Historic For May Strixhaven League Weekend

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Wizards of the Coast has announced that 11 cards from Magic: The Gathering Arena are suspended from Historic use by the Magic Pro League and Rivals League competitors for this League Weekend event only. This is due to one interaction that’s currently still live, and could potentially impact Historic decks during the incoming May Strixhaven League Weekend, on May 15-16.

“We are aware of an incorrect interaction between transforming double-faced cards (such as Azcanta, the Sunken Ruin and Legion’s Landing) and cards that care about devotion,” Wizards said in a statement. “Mana symbols in the casting cost from the front side of these cards are incorrectly counted for a player’s devotion when the land (back) face of the card is on the battlefield.”

Wizards of the Coast

To prevent the possibility of bug exploitation, these 11 cards are suspended for this League Weekend:


  • Arguel’s Blood Fast
  • Growing Rites of Itlimoc
  • Search for Azcanta
  • Legion’s Landing
  • Vance’s Blasting Cannons

Rivals of Ixalan

  • Hadana’s Climb
  • Journey to Eternity
  • Path of Mettle
  • Profane Procession
  • Storm the Vault

Core Set 2019

  • Nicol Bolas, the Ravager

As you can see, the 11 cards suspended from the leagues Historic play are all from Ixalan and Rivals of Ixalan. Wizards went on to note that these cards specifically encounter this incorrect interaction, and that none of the modal double-faced cards (MDFC) from recent sets nor colorless double-faced cards from Ixalan and Rivals of Ixalan (Treasure Map, Azor’s Gateway, etc.,) produce this interaction.


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Note that this restriction is strictly for league competitors partcipating in the May Strixhaven League Weekend only, so it’s not enforced in MTG Arena’s client and doesn’t apply to ranked play and events.

Wizards said that the MTG Arena developers are working to fix this issue before the Strixhaven Championship on June 4-6.

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