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You Have to Try These 3 Spicy Standard Decks to Dominate the Ladder

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Article at a Glance

Kamigawwa: Neon Dynasty brings a bunch of awesome new cards into the Standard environment, and we had our first round of official Standard tournaments over the weekend. As to be expected, there’s a bunch of fantastic decks that came out to play. The Standard meta looks fairly fresh for the moment, so here’s 3 incredible decks that you have to try coming out of week 1 Standard.

Naya Enchantments

The first deck to come up is Naya Enchantments. Neon Dynasty brought in a TON of enchantment support, including a bunch of awesome Sagas. The deck goes fast and hard and is a great option for laddering.

What’s sweet about this deck is that it’s leveraging an under utilized card set from Kaldheim, Runes. We’re also leveraging Jukai Naturalist to make our enchantments cheaper. This lets us draw through our deck at a reasonable cost with our Runes.

Our payoffs include Kami of Transience, Hallowed Haunting and a single copy of Michiko’s Reign of Truth. Ultimately this is the aggro deck of the three, and is doing generally very well even in tournaments. The list above is from Max Dore, who took 2nd at the most recent Pizza Box Open.

Jeskai Combo

Next up we have a Jeskai Combo deck. There isn’t a clever name for this, but the combo in the deck is very cool. The shell may look familiar, almost like a Jeskai Turns shell, but we aren’t Turns-ing as much anymore.

The combo in this deck involves a couple of very strong cards, and one that honestly, I didn’t even knew existed. First off, we want to get into play Lier, Disciple of the Drowned, and your friend and mine, Goldspan Dragon. Then, we want to have a copy of Show of Confidence. With this, we can target our Goldspan, a bunch of times and make a bunch of copies and make a big dragon to end the game.

We play a very Control style game plan, and while we still can do some Turns action with Alchemist’s Gambit, it’s a way to help us win the game, rather than a full blown win condition. This list took 2nd place at a qualifier event ran by Crokeyz’s.

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Esper Planeswalkers

The last deck that we have today is one that’s close to my heart. I love Super Friends decks, and this one is pretty awesome. This deck is Esper Super Friends.

We’re playing a very controlling game plan, with a ton of removal, but we are playing 14 Planeswalkers in this deck. The two new ones that we leverage here are Kaito Shizuki, and The Wandering Emperor.

Some of the new key removal pieces that we’re playing include March of Otherworldly Light and March of Wretched Sorrow, and Farewell. Farewell is particularly great here because we can use all of the modes with very little recourse because it doesn’t hit Planeswalkers. This list here took 3rd place in Crokeyz’s tournament, and was piloted by Eliott_Dragon.

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These are only a few sampling of cool things happening in Standard, and the format is feeling pretty fun right now. We’ll see how long this lasts, and if the big players from last format make their way back into the fold in the coming weeks.

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